Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Agico Vegetarian Cafe

Agico Vegetarian Cafe: What Is This Sorcery?

by Cityzen | M.C. Jose
“Are you sure this isn’t fish?”

That was the first thing I blurted out upon taking my first bite of fish tausi at Agico Vegetarian Cafe. I found it (almost) impossible to believe that something that looked and tasted exactly like fish—minus the aftertaste—was never actually fish to begin with.

That is the way almost everything is at Agico; things are not what they seem to be, but they are delicious—and good for your health—anyway.

Aracama - A Restaurant that serve so-so Filipino

Looking for A Place to Treat Your 'Bisita'? Bring Them to Aracama!

by Alexis dela Rosa
I'm sure it has happened more than once: a foreigner asks you to recommend where he or she can eat great Filipino comfort food and you're at a loss for an answer. It's not that the metro lacks good Filipino restaurants. In fact, they are everywhere! But do you accompany him or her to your favorite (but kinda dingy) turo-turo that serves the best sisig and beer combo? Shall you accompany him or her to your go-to fishball stand? Or do you point your guest to “safer” Filipino restaurants that serve so-so Filipino food?

Friday, November 2, 2012

Manila's Most Sinful Chocolates


Your Cheat Sheet to Manila's Most Sinful Chocolates

by The Click List
 We've decided to jump into the "mistress" bandwagon that's currently trending in the Pinoy pop culture. But instead of featuring popular three-partied relationships in the biz, we shine the spotlight on everyone's favorite mistress: this rich, irresistible, and diet-wrecking thing called chocolate.
Whether you're buying a gift for your significant other or looking for an excuse to break your diet, you better bookmark this rundown of Manila's best artisan chocolates.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Seminar on Filipino Food and Identity

We are what we eat. The more we understand what goes into the claypot and how it transforms into food that nurtures and defines us, the better we appreciate our own culture.
This November, “Paano Naging Pagkaing Pinoy: A Seminar on Filipino Food and Identity” aims to engage participants in a lively conversation (and tasting!) on the subject of Filipino food.

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