Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Eat and Be Merry at Slappy Cakes Eastwood Mall

Have Some Happy Slappy Cakes


There are many pancake places in the metro that offer good quality breakfast foods and can give you that oomph in the morning. But no other pancake place can do it with the flair like Slappy Cakes.

Originally from Portland, Oregon, this new and hip breakfast place has come to our shores just recently and is now serving up pancakes, classic breakfast entrées, and Filipino breakfast favorites. Slappy Cakes opened in 2009 and has quickly become Portland’s go to breakfast spot by offering a one-of-a-kind DIY (do it yourself) dining experience to its customers. This restaurant also emphasizes local and seasonal organic produce for their food.
The restaurant’s main color is a bright “happy” orange (as described by my faithful sidekick) and features wood furniture.  The table also comes with a modern twist in the middle, with its high tech pancake making device--a.k.a., a pancake griddle! The pancake griddle is, of course, for making the pancakes right at your table.
Ready for breakfast
Dining at Slappy Cakes is a unique experience. Part of the fun here is that you get to decide what to put on your pancakes, and you get to make it yourself.  Don’t know how to make pancakes? Don’t worry, because the griddle is so high tech that you can’t really burn your food. Even with my rudimentary cooking skills, I made several perfect pancakes which I happily devoured. Don’t feel like cooking? Then you can simply pick your batter, fixins, toppings, and leave the cooking up to them. But the fun here, really, is cooking and preparing your pancakes just the way you want them.
The batter comes in a nifty 8 oz. bottle, and you have the following choices:
Buttermilk (P225)
Whole Grain (P225)
Peanut Butter (P260)
Chocolate (P260)
Vegan (P260)
Fixings you can choose from:
Chocolate chips (P45)
Apples (P60)
Mangoes (P60)
Bananas (P45)
Raisins (P75)
Blueberries (P75)
Coconut (P40)
Nutella (P75)
You also have some toppings to choose from:
Honey (P50)
Creamy Peanut butter (P80)
Lemon Curd (P80)
Apple Sauce (P60)
Chocolate Sauce (P60)
Spring Onion Sour Cream (P70)
Whipped Cream (P40)
Maple Syrup (P45)
And if the assortment of batter and toppings weren’t enough, you also have the choice of adding some more savory ingredients onto your pancakes!
Bacon (P80)
Sausage (P80)
Chorizos (P85)
Smoked Ham (P85)
Cheddar Cheese (P70)
Salted Duck Eggs (P45)
Assorted Mushrooms (P70)
Spring Onions (P45)
White Cheese (P80)
Cashew Nuts (P75)
Peanuts (P40)
Decisions, decisions
Chocolate, always a must
Aside from the pancakes, Slappy Cakes also serves specialty drinks, such as the Kiddie Kremecycle (P190), which is made out of orange juice, vanilla syrup, and is topped off with soda water.  Another drink we tried out was the Cranberry Cooler (P190), which is made by mixing grapefruit juice, cranberry syrup, and is also topped off with soda water.  Both of these drinks are listed under Zero Proof, which basically means there’s no alcohol in those drinks.  Both drinks were quite good but just make sure you mix them thoroughly.  
Kiddie Kremecycle
Cranberry Cooler
After choosing our batter, toppings, and fixins, it was high time to make those pancakes! We simply squeezed the batter onto the heated griddle, and let them sit for a few minutes before we turned them over. They basically cook themselves, so you do not have much to do except decide on what else to put onto the pancakes.  You can make your pancakes as small or as big as you want them, with any mix of ingredients as you please.  I personally liked my pancakes with the chorizos and topped off with heavy syrup. A nice tip we received for making good pancakes is to never pat them down while cooking. Whatever you do, resist the urge to pat your pancakes!
Making a pancake
A piece of Chorizo
Do not pat your pancakes!
While waiting for our pancakes to cook, I inquired why the restaurant is called Slappy Cakes? Answer--it’s because of the sound made when the pancakes are “slapped” onto its other side. Pretty simple name, but ingenious.
Flip those pancakes
And of course, pancakes and breakfast go well with the standard fare of eggs and sausages. Slappy Cakes offers several choices for the happy eater, from the classics to the Filipino breakfast. We scoured the menu and chose to check out the Toad in a Hole (P240). This breakfast meal is made out of two eggs fried in sourdough and is served with potatoes, crispy bacon, and sausage.  It’s named so because the meal comes served with a piece of bread with two holes in them. And in those holes, you will find your eggs conveniently placed, ready for your eating pleasure.
Toad in a Hole
My new breakfast buddy
Suffice it to say, the rest of my day went great--my tummy was satisfied. And with a happy breakfast experience at Slappy Cakes, one cannot help but smile. Not only do you get good food, but you also get entertained while slapping those cakes, and you get your pancakes the way you want them! Slappy Cakes offers a unique dining experience that needs to be repeated, since you have so many choices on how to make your pancakes.
There is also something very highly satisfying in creating your own pancakes--it's something the kids will enjoy and the kid in all adults will enjoy, too. There will be plenty of Slappy Cakes branches opening soon; watch out for them at places such as SM North Edsa and SM Aura. Bring the family over for a happy Slappy Cakes experience!

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