Monday, December 23, 2013

San Francisco Bistro at Tuscany, Mckinley Hill

Feeling the Bay Area Vibe: San Francisco Bistro Along Tuscany, McKinley Hill


It has been quite a year for the comfort food industry. My last few work adventures have had me going in and out of restaurants that tell tales of carbohydrates and gastronomy, putting me in food comas that would make me run to the gym the following day. Still, the “threat” of a carb overload is never enough to stop me from walking through the doors of comfort food establishments assigned to me because there is always another interesting story to be told.

Planet Grapes Discover Wine, One Grape At A Time

Many Filipinos drink wine only during special occasions, usually paired with food bought in upscale delis. We’ll toast a glass during a wedding or New Year’s Eve, but when the daily 5-thirsty rolls along, we usually reach for a bottle of beer or cocktail. Well, Planet Grapes aims to change how we perceive wine drinking, starting with your favorite pulutan.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Naci Comfort Food @ BGC - Best Breakfast Buffet

Naci Comfort Food: Sharing Christmas Joy


As they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That old adage still holds true when it comes to Naci Comfort Food.  In true Christmas spirit and joy they have come up with their own rendition of the popular breakfast buffet.  And just in time for the Christmas season, as old and young alike will need a place to eat breakfast, especially after Simbang Gabi. Naci's Big Breakfast Buffet is available daily from 8:00am to 10:30am, including weekends and holidays.The breakfast buffet is P295/head and comes with free and gloriously unlimited coffee.  Of course, the food is also unlimited and comes in a variety of breakfast favorites.

Buffet Rates and Packages this Holiday Season - Eat All You Can

Eat All You Can: Your Guide to Buffet Rates and Packages this Holiday Season

Planning to splurge on an eat-all-you-can spree this holiday season? Check out the latest rates and packages of restaurants and hotels, in and out the metro.

Note: Prices are updated as of December 17, 2013. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

New from Teriyaki Boy: Succulent holiday eats and party-perfect Sushi Platters

Teriyaki Boy, the pioneer in Japanese Casual Dining has once again paved the way for a more exciting menu line up for its guests especially this Holiday Season.

If you want a familiar place with a newer and fresher way to enjoy Japanese dishes, Teriyaki Boy has just rolled out its new menu to all its branches nationwide.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Kessaku - Classic Japanese Dining

Mastering Classic Japanese Dining at Kessaku


Kessaku means creating a masterpiece,” says Yums Aggabao, the Managing Partner. Kessaku is the sister restaurant of Jozu Kin located in Burgos Circle. “There are some items that we have that are not available there [and vice versa]”, says Yums.

Kessaku is found in the quieter side of Alabang, just a few meters from Acacia Hotel. The modern minimalist setting creates a comfortable ambiance and their sushi bar at the top of the stairs is the perfect after-hours hideaway for the sushi-and-sake loving crowd.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Once Upon A Milkshake - Home of Thick and Creamy Shakes

Creamier Ever After with Once Upon A Milkshake


This story begins, fittingly enough, on a dark and gloomy night.
Two tired girls attempt to seek shelter from the cold winds underneath a brightly-lit purple and white awning. They are immediately drawn to the parade of colourful characters that came to greet them, delighting in the strange but wonderful sights and sounds that exist in this Wonderland of a kingdom. The girls are also welcomed by Alvin Ng, the King of the Chocolate Castle, and his most trusted vassal, Chico Pasion.

Once Upon A Milkshake, home of thick and creamy shakes
“I’ve always loved milkshakes,” the King admits. “In my homeland of Singapore, there were no establishments that specialise in milkshakes, so I created Once Upon A Milkshake. I wanted to do something that was fun and fairytale-inspired, hence the name. Chico, a longtime fan of the brand, traveled abroad to meet me. After some discussions, I was more than happy to have him bring Once Upon A Milkshake to the Philippines.”

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Pancit Center: Pancit Dishes from Various Regions all Under One Roof in Pasig City

There are over 300 ways to cook pancit. And yet, we tend to stick to the all-time favorites: Palabok, Pancit Malabon, Bihon Guisado, Sotanghon Guisado and Pancit Canton. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with the tried and tested, for those looking for a new way to enjoy noodles, there’s Pancit Center. Established in 1978 by Corazon Angeles, it was first called “Cory’s Pancit Malabon” and was initially a takeout counter that specialized in--you guessed it--Pancit Malabon. In the 1990s it became Cory’s Kitchen that also served Filipino dishes. In 2011, inspired by his travels, Cory’s grandson Marc joined the family business and came up with the idea to start serving different pancit dishes from all over the Philippines. Offering 28 pancit varieties from Luzon to Mindanao, Pancit Center makes the ubiquitous dish more interesting.  

Monday, December 2, 2013

Cowrie Grill Opens at the Greenhills Promenade

Cowrie Grill: Manila Hotel’s Flagship Restaurant Re-opens at the Greenhills Promenade


Excellence is not achieved overnight. It is something that takes time and dedication to attain. And once it’s pulled off, maintaining it is a challenge. After more than three decades in the industry, excellence is something that Cowrie Grill has got down pat. Opened in 1977 as the Manila Hotel’s flagship restaurant, it has managed to sustain a level of merit that like fine wine, only gets better with age.

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