Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Aracama - A Restaurant that serve so-so Filipino

Looking for A Place to Treat Your 'Bisita'? Bring Them to Aracama!

by Alexis dela Rosa
I'm sure it has happened more than once: a foreigner asks you to recommend where he or she can eat great Filipino comfort food and you're at a loss for an answer. It's not that the metro lacks good Filipino restaurants. In fact, they are everywhere! But do you accompany him or her to your favorite (but kinda dingy) turo-turo that serves the best sisig and beer combo? Shall you accompany him or her to your go-to fishball stand? Or do you point your guest to “safer” Filipino restaurants that serve so-so Filipino food?

The next time you're asked for your recommendation, consider bringing them to Aracama. Here, your guests can indulge in authentic, comfort Filipino cuisine (street food included!), in a fine, clean, and modern setting.

Here's what you should get when at Aracama:

Start your Filipino cuisine 101 with a bowl of Pancit Molo (P275)-- the best tummy warmer among all soups listed in the menu. Aracama's owner and chef Fernando Aracama is from Bacolod so you'll be getting the iconic Ilonggo wonton complete with chicken, shrimp, and garlic.

Follow through with Lumpia Sisig (P195), a different take on every Pinoy's favorite sizzling dish. Watch them marvel upon every bite of Pampanga's revered minced pork dish.

Lumpia Sisig

Your guest will also be interested to try Aracama's chewy Fish Balls (P175), served with spiced vinegar.

Fish Balls

The lovely balls, which by the way should be eaten tusok-tusok style, are homemade and free from “secret” extenders so you don't have to worry about your guests safety.

Daing na Pritong Tilapia

Main course can take the form of Daing na Pritong Tilapia(P360) or Chicken Barbecue (P390)-- both of which are staple viands in a typical Filipino home.

Chicken Barbecue

Then, accompany either one with with Gising Gising (P195)-- a bowlful of spicy winged beans cooked in coconut milk.

Gising Gising

End your meal in a sweet and truly Filipino note with Chef Fern's famous Chocnut Ice Cream (P120)-- arguably the most innovative and impressive innovation of the sari-sari store chocolate.

Chocnut Ice Cream

Located at the Fort strip, Aracama is open from Monday to Sunday, 11am to 2pm (Lunch) and 5pm to 2am (Dinner) . For reservations, call +632 519-6815.
Establishment Info
Aracama Filipino Cuisine
Chorizo Frito, Mozzarella Malungay Dip, Crispy Pork, Crispy Pata, Lumpiang Sisig, Lumpiang Bangus, Gising Gising, Chocnut Ice Cream, Dulce de Leche, and Suman sa Ibos
P500 - P999

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