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Zabo Chicken The Newest Fast-Casual Chicken Place in the Metro

Food Below P100 and Unli-Eats at ZABO Chicken

ZABO Chicken, the newest fast-casual chicken place in the metro, opened its first branch at SM Jazz Mall in March. Now three branches strong, ZABO is fast becoming popular for their healthy roastings of 18 spice chicken at affordable prices, making the restaurant the go-to place for a quick chicken fix that is easy on the pocket and a healthier alternative to greasy fried chicken.
ZABO's flagship store at SM Jazz Mall
Quarter Roast Chicken with Rice (P165): taste the difference of ZABO's 18 spice roast chicken
Whole Chicken (P420)

If you're on a tight budget, here's a quick look at what your 100 Pesos can get you at ZABO Chicken, and three 'unli-eats' at the restaurant that you should try for yourself. Food Below P100
Zabo Rice Bowls: Three of their rice meals are priced below 100 Pesos: Chicken Rice Bowl (P99), Chicken Turna Bowl (P99), and Popcorn Chicken Bowl (P99). The Chicken Rice Bowl gives you shredded pieces of their signature 18 spiced roast chicken, rice flavor of your choice (six to choose from, more on that later), and tomatoes. A bite into their chicken and you will immediately taste the flavor of garlic and certain herbs. The complete rundown of the 18 spices is a secret, yet the flavors are not complicated nor intimidating to the palate. Turmeric is included in the mix, a spice which is said to help lower cholesterol, leading to a healthier heart.
Chicken Rice Bowl
Zabo Wraps: If you prefer to skip utensils when eating chicken, have it as a wrap with their Zabo Chicken Wrap (P99) and Chicken Turna Wrap (P99). Turna is the marinated meat topped with their garlic sauce, which customers seem to never get enough of.
Zabo Chicken Wrap
Sides: All side dishes at ZABO are priced below P100, but top picks are their Zabo Popcorn Chicken (P75), Falafel (P75), and Hummus (P70). The last two are meatless but flavorful options if you want an afteroon snack or a healthy companion for your chicken meal. Their falafel has a unique crispness to it, unlike softer, more mushy kinds. Think meatballs without the meat.
Dessert: End your meal with their soft serve Ice Cream (P25 - Small, 39 - Large). They have two flavors, Vanilla Mint and Chocolate, and the former is the perfect meal-ender if you've gone sauce-happy with your chicken to rid of that garlicky aftertaste. Light and cool, it's the perfect palate-cleansing dessert.
Vanilla Mint, Chocolate, and Mixed Flavors soft serve ice cream

ZABO's 'Unli-Eats'
Lavazza Coffee
P49 Unlimited Lavazza Coffee: Brewed coffee at less than P50 is already a good deal, especially if it's Lavazza, a trusted Italian brand. For those days where more 'wake-me-up' sips are needed, have unlimited coffee at ZABO.
P29 Rice Buffet: Just by adding P29 to any rice meal at the restaurant, you get to try all their flavors of rice. Rice all you can with their 6 variants -- Zabo Chicken Rice, Zabo Spicy Chicken Rice, Carrot Rice, Brown Rice, Garlic Rice, Plain Steamed White Rice. Each rice meal at ZABO lets you pick the type of rice served, so the rice buffet is a good introduction to the different flavors possible.
No fear of carbs? Avail of their Rice Buffet
FREE: Unlimited Pours of Various Sauces
ZABO's roasted chicken is cooked in 18 different spices (not spicy at all, fret not if you dislike heat on your palate). While the chicken is juicy, tender, and flavorful as it is, you can jazz it up with their many sauces parked at their condiments station. After all, we Pinoys love sauces of all types so it's great to have as many sauces as we want at ZABO. For more Mediterranean flavors, smother your chicken (and falafels!) with their Garlic Paste and Tarator Sauce.  They also have chili oil, sweet chili sauce, and sweet sauce, aside from gravy. There are plans to add a sweet barbecue type of sauce soon.
So if you're on a strict P100 to P200 budget for your meal, or seeking for a fast, filling, yet healthy chicken meal, now you know where to go. And here's some good news, chicken lovers: more ZABO branches are rolling out within this year and the next.

Visit ZABO Chicken at their branches in SM Jazz, SM BF and SM North Edsa. ZABO opens its fourth branch at Glorietta 4 Food Choices on June 20. Follow ZABO Chicken's social media accounts: /ZABOChicken on Facebook, @ZaboChicken on Twitter and Instagram.
Additional images courtesy of  ZABO Chicken's Facebook page.
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