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Restaurants in Manila with Unique Sisig Dishes

12 Restaurants in Manila with Unique Sisig Dishes

The legend of the sisig was said to have begun in the 70's: it was when Angeles City was labeled Sisig Capital of the Philippines, thanks to a famous restaurant called Aling Lucing's. A dish made from parts of a pig's head--its ears and cheeks finely chopped--was served marinated and seasoned, and on a sizzling plate. We all have our own preference as to how we savor this bar chow -- be it served 'wet' and saucy or crispy and dry -- and mix everything in with calamansi, soy sauce, and hot sauce (ratio to taste, as always).

Thanks to creative chefs and cooks, the ubiquitous sizzling Pinoy bar chow takes a playful spin in restaurants wanting to offer something a little bit different to their hungry customers. Many places have been creating sisig fusions, mashups, and using other meaty substitutes (or even going meatless) for the traditional pork.
A must-try in Boracay: the famous Oyster Sisig by Two Seasons Resort
If you want to enjoy sisig in many fun ways, check out this list as we gather 12 restaurants in Manila serving unique sisig dishes.

Photo from Tipsy Pig Gastropub Facebook
1. Tipsy Pig Gastropub
FB: /tipsypigph | IG: @tipsypig_ph
Capitol Commons, Pasig
Order: Belly Good Sisig Tacos (P280) - perfectly cooked crispy pork belly made to a local favorite sisig, wrapped in tortilla with Asian soy garlic

Photo from Pino Facebook
2. Pino
FB: /PinoRestoPH | IG and Twitter: @PinoRestoPH
Teacher's Village, QC
Order: Sisig Carbonara (P215) - linguini noodles cooked with sisig, bacon, onions, with creamy carbonara sauce; Sisig Rice (P235) - sisig served arroz a la cubana style with sunny side up egg over mango rice, Mini Sisig Tacos (P255) - mini tacos filled with pork sisig lettuce, tomato salsa, and cheese

Photo from Madeca website
3. Madeca
FB: /madecafood | IG and Twitter: @madecafood | www.madeca.ph
The Podium, Ortigas Center
Order: Sisig Nachos (P180), Sisig Burrito (P225), Sisig Soft Tacos (P155), Sisig Mexikanin (P225)

4. Locavore
FB: 'Locavore Kitchen & Drinks' | IG and Twitter: @locavore.ph | locavore.ph
Kapitolyo, Pasig
Order: Fried Oyster Sisig (P380), Lechon & Oyster Sisig (P400)

Photo from El Chupacabra Instagram
5. El Chupacabra
FB: /Elchupacabraph | IG: @elchupacabraph
Felipe Street, Makati
Order: S.F.-style Lean Pork Sisig (P185) - a bestseller of a California recipe on a hot plate; San Francisco-style Lean Pork Sisig Street Taco (P95) - a Chupacabra house special

6. Sarsa Kitchen + Bar
FB: /sarsakitchen | IG: @sarsakitchen
Forum South Global BGC and SM Mall of Asia
Order: Chicken Inasal Sisig (P335) - served sizzling on a hot plate with egg and hot sauce; Tuna Sisig - with tuna chicharon skin, lambanog onions, tossed in anato aioli

Photo from Siklab Facebook
7. Siklab
FB: 'Siklab' | IG and Twitter: @SiklabPh
Greenbelt 3, Makati
Order: Pork Sisig Wraps (P235) - sizzling pork sisig with chopped onions and chillies, served with grilled tortilla bread; Siklab Sisig Rice (P245) - rice stir-fried with pork sisig, topped with scrambled egg and crackling pork

9. Route 196
FB: /Route196Rocks | IG and Twitter: @Route196Rocks
Katipunan Ave, QC
Order: Sisig TNT (P200) - sisig-stuffed chilli dynamites served crispy and deep-fried

10. Mesclun
FB: /MesclunPH | IG: @mesclunph | www.mesclun.ph
Serendra BGC, Linden Suites Pasig, and Eastwood Mall
Order: Sisig Spaghetti (P245) - pork sisig in spaghetti with light cream sauce and topped with chicharon bits

Photo from 12 Monkeys Instagram
11. 12 Monkeys Music Hall & Pub
FB: /12MonkeysPH | IG: @12MonkeysPH
Century City Mall, Makati
Order: Oyster Sisig (P390) - fresh oysters tossed with sweet onions, green chilies, crispy pork rind served on a hot plate; Chicken Inasal Sisig (P370) - Bacolod style sizzling sisig, grilled chicken liver and gizzards, crispy chicken skin; Sisig and Bopis Duet (P420) - sizzling chopped pork mask, onions, chilis, chicharon, and sizzling bopis; Mike G's Special Sisig (P340) - sizzling pork sisig served with chicharon, quail egg, and garlic aioli; The Sisig Tribute Picha Pie (P400) - pizza topped with crispy pork sisig, garlic mayonnaise, quail eggs, mozzarella

Photo from Manila Maki Facebook
12. Manila Maki
FB: /ManilaMaki | IG: @12MonkeysPH
Salcedo Village, Makati
Order: Sisig Gunkan (P125) - pork sisig and chicharon on sushi rice; Heartburn Maki (P225) - pork sisig rolled in garlic aligue rice, topped with chicharon bits; Pork Sisig Teppanyaki (P225) - mixed with Pinoy-Japanese spices and cooked on a teppanyaki grill, served with teppanyaki vegetables; Sisigdon (P215) - pork sisig, chicharon, and egg over steamed Japanese rice

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