Tuesday, April 14, 2015

FitBurger Now Open in Eastwood

FitBurger Now Open: Head to Eastwood for burgers that build muscle and fit your macros

Fitness enthusiasts, here's a new spot serving high energy, healthy burgers (for your #gains) that fully understands your everlasting need to know your macros.

FitBurger opened its doors for a dry-run in March 2015 in Eastwood, and had its grand opening just this month, April 11. Here, burgers are 'fit' and not in that deprived, flavorless way--burgers are made fresh and healthy, to compliment your fitness lifestyle. Their lineup of burgers help you burn fat and build muscle by being packed with healthy protein, complex carbs, and good fats.

Photo from FitBurger Instagram
No need to worry when you step inside this new burger joint--a burger here won't have to make you guess #iifym (that's 'If It Fits Your Macros' FYI) because FitBurger lists all the macronutrients of their food (burgers and sidings); if one is dedicated in putting in more effort in a fit diet, then macros (that's your protein, carbs, fat content) become your guide to healthy eating (not just calories!).
Photo from FitBurger Facebook page
The current 'burger crew' in this new restaurant is ten items strong, and named to suit a hungry customer's needs and cravings. There's The Fit Burger (P190) their original burger, The Sprinter (P140 - Hamburger), The Runner (P160 - Cheeseburger), The Cross-Fitter (P185 - Low Carb/Gluten Free, option of Chicken Patty), The Fitness Model (P185 - Chicken Burger), and The Swimmer (P200 - Tuna Melt). There are extra hefty burgers for the ones that need more powerful assistance, such as The Fighter (P220 - Bacon Cheeseburger), The Bodybuilder (P250 - Double Cheeseburger), The Power Lifter (P250 - BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger), and The Sumo (P320 - Large Double Cheeseburger).
Photo from FitBurger Instagram
What's in their burger? A FitBurger patty is made with real beef, sporting a 90/10 lean meat to fat ratio for your muscle building needs. Replacing your regular burger buns are pita bread.
Photo from FitBurger Facebook page
Visit FitBurger at the ground floor of Le Grand Tower 2, Economia Road, Eastwood City, QC. Call 0917-8576226. Like FitBurger on Facebook (/fitburgerinc) and follow on Instagram (@fitburgerinc).

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