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Stacy's Restaurant - A Wonderful Fusion of Comfort Food

Stacy’s: A Place Like Home

by Cityzen | Katarina Antonio
 Warm and dainty are the first words that come to mind upon entering Stacy’s. The pastel colors, florals, and charming knick-knacks all contribute to the homey atmosphere. This is exactly what the owners wanted. Stacy’s is the brainchild of prop and food stylists Angelique Castro and Aby Nachura. They wanted a happy place where families and friends could get together and enjoy good comfort food. That’s exactly what they’ve achieved. The interiors are so bright and welcoming that you can’t help but smile when you walk through the door.

Visit Stacy's at Capitol Hills Drive
Stacy’s is a relatively young (it’s only been open for 18 months) but very popular establishment. Patrons from as far as Alabang troop to Quezon City for a good dose of their heart-warming and belly-busting comfort food. (Fans of Stacy’s from the South have something to look forward to this coming summer: they are opening a branch in Fort Bonifacio!) I think the secret to its success is that everything in this restaurant is personal. The name Stacy’s was inspired by Angelique’s grandmother who lived for more than a hundred years and exuded positivity and verve. This is the vibe that they want their diners to experience. Aby, who also happens to be a chef, came up with the recipes or tweaked some of her mom’s old ones. The food is reminiscent of her childhood experiences and it is evident in every bite. The owners’ main goal was to put up something that didn’t feel like work. And that they did! The staff was very polite, helpful, and generally cheerful. With an office that pretty, I’d be happy to come to work every day too.
A look inside
Pretty details
The food at Stacy’s is a wonderful fusion of comfort food. After you order, your waiter will give you a mug of popcorn, pretzels, and marshmallows to munch on. We were also given a wooden tic-tac-toe set to pass the time while we waited for our food. They serve all-day breakfast meals in large portions at very reasonable prices. They have classic favorites such as Stacy Jones (P215), tender strips of yakiniku cut US Beef tapa served with eggs (you get to choose how you want your eggs, I suggest you have them scrambled because their version is so deliciously fluffy and creamy), and a hefty helping of garlic rice.
Complimentary sweet munchies
Stacy Jones
Their interesting take on another favorite is the Potato Chip Fried Chicken (P180), two pieces of potato-chip encrusted fried chicken served with rice, golden steak fries, and mushroom gravy. What I love about their gravy is that doesn’t taste like the industrial gravy that you’d usually get from fast food places. It tastes like the gravy that your mom makes; it tastes like home.
Potato Chip Fried Chicken
Another staple comfort food with a twist is their Buffalo Wing Flings (P215), unlike their spicy counterparts this version of the New York Classic has an Asian twist: the drumettes are marinated in a honey-orange and sweet chili sauce. It’s a big hit with kids because it’s sweet and tangy.
Buffalo Wing Flings
Kids (and golfers, we’re told) also go gaga over their Monkey Toasts (P165). This French toast with jam, peanut butter, chocolate chips, and caramelized bananas goes really well with freshly brewed coffee. We also really loved their Homemade Chicken Parmesan (P215), because it was the perfect balance of cheese, herbs and tomato sauce.
Monkey Toasts
Homemade Chicken Parmesan
They also have a nice selection of desserts that changes every day. Make sure to ask your server what they have that day. We tried one of their best-sellers, the Choco Lava (P145). One spoonful of the moist chocolate cake with ooey, gooey chocolate inside, topped with vanilla ice cream and we were hooked! If this perfect dessert concoction isn’t your thing, you can always head on up to the counter and check out the various cakes and cupcakes that they offer. For those of you who are a little more health-conscious, fret not! Stacy’s also offers salads. You can actually opt to substitute your rice for salad at very minimal cost. Angelique proudly stated that they are anti-MSG and whatever they serve at the restaurant is something that they and their families also enjoy.
Choco Lava
Stacy’s is also an ideal place for parties. The cozy restaurant is so beautifully styled that it isn’t surprising that people would want to celebrate special occasions there. Stacy’s has been host to different kinds of get-togethers ranging from the usual tea party to the more eccentric rockstar party. Some clients loved the interiors so much that they opted to have their pre-nuptial photos taken there. They offer party packages starting from P395 net/person for a minimum of 40 guests and a maximum of 100. This includes buffet service, simple décor, and table centerpieces. They take time to conceptualize parties for individuals so whatever occasion you choose to celebrate at Stacy’s, you can rest assured that it will be a memorable one.
A place like home
It’s not hard to love Stacy’s. What with its homely interiors, its pleasant staff, and its exciting take on comfort food, it doesn’t feel much like dining at a restaurant. It feels like you’re having a meal at home that was prepared by people who truly care about you.

Additional images courtesy of Stacy's.
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