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Flavored Ensaymada in Manila

7 Places to Order Your Flavored Ensaymada in Manila

A Filipino classic fluffy and buttery pastry is reinvented by our local bakeshops and homebakers with flavors to please the modern appetite always wanting to try something a little bit different.

Ensaymada (or ensaimada), a Christmas staple for Filipino households, was introduced to our palate during Spanish colonization, just like many of our favorite delicacies and dishes. This sweet brioche, with its trademark swirly bun and golden body, is commonly flecked with grated cheese and sugar, a combination of salty sweet in every soft bite of the pastry. Another popular way to consume ensaymada, aside from serving it freshly baked and paired with a hot drink like coffee or tsokolate, is to toast it and flatten it a bit, the bread warm and slightly burnt on the edges, with butter, sugar, and cheese melding and melting

Unbeatable combination: freshly baked ensaymada and a cup of coffee (or tsokolate!)

Photo from Must Be Mom's website
A common way to make the ensaymada special is the add-on of salted egg (works the way it does with bibingka -- extra delicious), or upgrading the cheese to queso de bola. Today, this classic pastry becomes hip and modern, being served stuffed or topped with assorted flavors and ingredients, becoming as flexible and playful as a doughnut.

Ready to taste test ensaymadas decked with creative toppings and infused with many flavors? Here's a list of where to get your flavored ensaymadas for your festive events, gift giving, and every day indulgence.
Photo from OVN Bread Co. Facebook

1. OVN Bread Co.
SM Aura, Taguig
FB: /OvnBreadCo | IG: @OvnBreadCo
Order: Sea Salt Yema Ensaymada (P80) and Toasted Apple Cinnamon Ensaymada (P80)

Photo from Pi Breakfast & Pies Facebook
2. Π Pi Breakfast & Pies
Teachers Village, QC
FB: /breakfastnpies | IG and Twitter: @breakfastnpies
Order: Nutella Ensaymada, Ricotta Ensaymada (P25), and Ube Ensaymada

Photo from Must Be Mom's website
3. Must Be Mom's
Kiosks located in Alabang, Makati, Pasay, Taguig, Mandaluyong, QC, and Manila
FB: 'Must Be Mom's' | www.mustbemoms.com.ph | Delivery via 2121212
Order: Dulce de Leche Ensaymada and Ube Ensaymada (P42/Single, P250/Small Box, P500/Big Box). Also available as Mom's Ensaymaditas which is a bite-sized version of ensaymada. Ensaymaditas: Dulce de Leche (P185/Pack, P740/Party Tray), Ube (P185/Pack, P740/Party Tray), Cheddar Pesto (P160/Pack, P640/Tray)

Photo from Mylene's Ensaymada and Banana Cake Facebook

4. Mylene's Ensaymada and Banana Cake
Two branches in Marikina City
FB: /Mylenesbakeshop | IG: @Mylenesbakeshop |
Order: Flavor-filled ensaymada -- -- Bavarian, Blueberry, Chocolate, Cinnamon roll with cream cheese, Dulce de Leche, Real Ube, and Yema (P40/piece, P210/box of 6, P420/box of 12). Mix Box of different flavors available.

Photo from Hey Gourmet Facebook

5. Hey Gourmet
All gourmet ensaymadas exclusively available at UCC Clockwork; products available for pick-ups in QC
FB: /heygourmet| IG and Twitter: @heygourmet | heygourmetpastries@gmail.com
Order: Oreo cheesecake, Salted caramel, White Chocolate, Brown sugar milk, Chocolate Horlicks, Creamy Floss, Wasabi Floss (90/Piece)

[NOTE: The next two on the list are bakeries/business based outside of Metro Manila, but their flavored ensaymada are quite the popular kids, we just had to include them -- also, they deliver to Manila and do meet-ups!]
Photo from Homemade Treasures Facebook

6. Homemade Treasures
Porac, Pampanga (3-4 days advance notice is requested); pick-up points in Manila (Ortigas and Makati); delivery via LBC
FB: /homemadetreas | IG: @homemadetreasures | (045) 3234149 |
Order: Pistachio Ensaimadas, Ham Ensaimada made with Majestic Ham, Chili Ensaimadas, Ube Ensaimada, Honey Caramel Ensaimada, Cheese Pimiento Ensaimada (P425/4 pcs, P600/6 pcs, P1,200/12 pcs)

Photo from Baby Pat Breads and Pastries Facebook
7. Baby Pat Breads and Pastries
Sta. Rosa, Laguna; delivers nationwide via LBC with minimum order of one dozen (advance orders required)
FB: /mybabypat | IG: @mybabypat | 09177901127 / 09239759777
Order: Baby Pat is a goldmine of flavored specialty ensaymadas (both savory and sweet), that each one color coded via individual paper wrapper. Check out the long list of flavors below.
  • Most Wanted Four (P550): Speculoos (Red), Nutella (Orange), Tablea (Brown), Ube Queso de Bola (Purple)
  • Stunner Six (P800): Speculoos (Red), Nutella (Orange), Tablea (Brown), Ube Queso de Bola (Purple), Latik Queso de Bola (Yellow), Classic Queso de Bola (White)
  • Seven Wonders (P1,600/Assorted Dozen): Speculoos (Red), Nutella (Orange), Tablea (Brown), Ube Queso de Bola (Purple), Latik Queso de Bola (Yellow), Classic Queso de Bola (White) Peanut Butter ChocNut (Mustard)
  • Savoury Selections (P900/box of 6): Vigan Longaniza (Indigo Blue), Bacon in Garlic-and-Herb Cream Cheese (Silver), Sweet Ham & Salted Egg (Pink), Majestic Chinese Ham (Gold), Spam (Royal Blue), Adobo (Manila Paper)
*prices vary for courier delivery

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