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Burger Company at Mother Ignacia QC

Burger Company: Not Your Usual Burger Fanfare


As its menu states, Burger Company was born from a craving.
“The burgers at Boulevard were my favourites,” Francis Fabie says of his co-owner’s creations. “I was never able to find as much satisfaction with other burger places as I did with that one. When the place closed down, I was pretty upset. To be able to taste those great burgers again, I ended up tracking down Alvin and inviting him to try again in a new location with a new set of goals in mind.” This, in brief, is the history of Burger Company.

Burger Company, located at Mother Ignacia, QC
Post-it messages from happy customers
What sets Burger Company apart from other burger establishments is that almost everything is made from scratch. Aside from their Certified Angus Beef (CAB) patties, they also make use of homemade buns, dips and powdered sauces, ensuring a food experience that one can only get at Burger Company. “What we have is exclusively ours,” Fabie declares proudly. “Chances are, you can’t find our flavours anywhere else.”
Gorgonzola & Mushroom
Burger Company’s menu is full of pleasant surprises. Instead of the usual fanfare, we were treated to several unique bestsellers that immediately piqued our interests. The Gorgonzola & Mushroom (P199 – single patty; P315 – double patty), in all its grandeur, is the go-to menu item for first-time Burger Company visitors. There’s nothing quite like ooey-gooey gorgonzola cheese, and having it in a burger bun with double CAB patties and mushrooms makes you feel like everything is right with the world. To those with more adventurous tastebuds, the Green Chile & Sour Cream (P199 – single patty; P315 – double patty) may do just the trick. The green chile, served in carefully measured portions, adds a touch of spice to an otherwise ordinary burger. Its strong taste is toned down slightly by the sour cream, making for a favourable combination.
Green Chile & Sour Cream
The restaurant extends its special treatment to chicken burgers and Buffalo wings. The NY Buffalo Chicken Burger (P185) is chicken breast fillet garnished with bacon and gorgonzola dressing. This is sure to be a big hit with chicken lovers, as the chicken breast is grilled to tender perfection. Burger Company’s NY Buffalo Wings (P135 – 6pcs; P195 – 10pcs; P260 – 14pcs) comes in a series of traditional and original flavours. We were invited to try one of their original conceptions: the Cocoa & Chili. These unique flavoured wings are just the right amount of spicy with an extra dash of excitement thanks to the addition of the chocolate sauce.
NY Buffalo Chicken Burger
Cocoa & Chili NY Buffalo Wings
They serve some excellent sidings, too. The Buffalo Trax (P65 – solo; P110 – sharing; P165 – party) is one of the best French fry type dishes I’ve had in awhile. These are perfectly crispy crisscut fries coasted in a special homemade cayenne pepper and paprika powdered mix. Delicious! To wash it all down, we had the very interesting Lime-Aide (P80) and the always welcome Home-Brewed Iced Tea (P75).
Buffalo Trax
Lime-Aide and Home-Brewed Iced Tea
As far as burger industries go, Burger Company is a breath of fresh air. There is so much time and effort put into making quality burgers with quality ingredients, but it doesn’t just end there. The owners are a duo of young burger aficionados intent on bringing the best that they can offer to the old patrons of Boulevard and the would-be customers of Burger Company. Burger Company also puts a personal touch on each and every dish that comes out of their kitchen. “We want to build a following,” shares Fabie. “We want people to come to us because they love what we create.”
With concoctions like these, it’s impossible not to fall in love with Burger Company’s vision.
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Burger Company

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