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Mushrooms Go Pink PH Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

'Shroom Trip For A Cause: Eat Your Mushrooms this Month for Mushrooms Go Pink PH


Here's a delicious idea for kick-starting the month of October: why not go on a 'shroom trip for breast cancer awareness? October 2013 is all about mushroom for Ministry of Mushrooms, Inc. and the ICanServe Foundation.

"The 'shroomtastic' dishes they've created for this year's campaign have notched up with the introduction of new mushrooms!" shares Marco Lobregat, Ministry of Mushroom, Inc. president. For this year's Mushrooms Go Pink PH Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, they have collaborated with restaurants and food establishments to showcase the mushroom as a delicious, nutritious, and highly versatile food of choice when dining around the metro.

"Mushroom is the only non-animal source of Vitamin D, apart from you getting it from the sunlight," shares Marco, "they are what they call immunomodulators, meaning they got properties that really help the immune system either when it's hyperactive or when it's weak." Ministry of Mushrooms sells fresh and dried oyster mushrooms, mushroom products, and mushroom growing materials at the Salcedo Saturday Market and Legaspi Sunday Market. 'Cook whatever you're used to cooking in the house--almost all Filipino dishes--and add mushrooms to it," Marco suggests. 
Ten percent of the cost of each special dish with mushrooms purchased will be donated to ICANServe Foundation through the campaign. Make your month memorable by feasting on this flavorful fungi! Are your favorite restaurants part of this year's Mushrooms Go Pink PH? Here's your cheat sheet for your 'shroom trip: a list of participating establishments and their respective sumptuous offerings that will leave your bellies blissful and will give back to ICanServe Foundation.
2nd's (Truffled Mushroom & Pancetta Mac)
121 (Oyster Mushroom Tempura)
Alba Restaurante Español (Paella con Champiñones)
Apartment 1B (Mushroom and Gruyere Omelette with Truffle Paste)
ARIA Cucina Italiana BGC (Pasta Murgiana)
Alba's Paella con Champiñones with button, milky, and woodear mushrooms
Brera Delicatessen (Smoked Bacon and Mushroom Melt)
Brida Cafe (Lady Antoinette Sandwich)
BRGR: The Burger Project (Mushroom Fries with Truffle Oil)

Cav Wine Shop - Cafe (Mushroom Potpourri)
Chef Tatung (Kabute, Labong at Tokwa)
Chihuahua Mexican Grill
Chuck's Deli (3-Mushroom & Swiss Burger, 4 Mushroom Sourdough Pizza)
Cibo (Tagliata di Manzo, Funghi Trifolati, Rucola.)
Cibo's Tagliata di Manzo, Funghi Trifolati, Rucola (beef tenderloin, roast, sliced, focaccia, mushrooms, arugula)
Connie's Kitchen (Chorizo Mushroom Sauce)
Corner Tree Cafe (Veggie Oyster Mushroom Po'Boy)
Cova Tapas y Sangria (Paella con Setas y Jamón)
California Pizza Kitchen / CPK (Wild Mushroom Pizza)
Cova's Paella con Setas y Jamón: 5 kinds of mushrooms, jamón Serrano, truffle alioli, balsamic cream, and crispy oyster and enoki mushrooms
Restaurante Pia Y Damaso (Sekreto ni Salome)
Discover Shores Boracay's Indigo (Lamb, Fish, and Chicken Course with Mushrooms)
Discovery Country Suites Tagaytay's Restaurant Verbena (Mushroom Truffle Risotto)
Discovery Suites' 22 Prime (Wild Mushroom Cappuccino, Grilled U.S. Striploin, "Milky" Mushroom Steak)
Restaurante Pia Y Damaso's Sekreto ni Salome: baked bread pudding with caramelized onions, garlic, corn, broccoli, served with parsley oil, pimiento oil, and a creamy brandy mushroom ragout
ECHOcafe (Mushroom Burger Sandwich, Mushroom Soup)
Edgy Veggy (Vegan Mushroom Longganisa)
El Chupacabra (Grilled Garlic Mushroom Street Taco)
Elbert's Cheesesteak Sandwiches (The Grilled Mushroom Melt)
El Chupacabra's Grilled Garlic Mushroom Street Taco, part of their growing vegetarian menu section
Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza (Lemon Mushroom Fettucine)
Goodles (Goodles Classic with Mushrooms)
Green Pastures (Mushroom & Orzo, Mushroom Yiouvetsi)
Gustare Kitchen (Mushroom Stroganoff with Fresh Fettucine)
Lemon Mushroom Fettuccine by Gino's: squeeze of lemon, 3 types of mushrooms, garlic, parmesan
Juju Eats (Korean Kimchi Salad)
Kasbah (Chickpea, Eggplant and Mushroom Tagine)
Kitayama (Mushroom Risotto “Ministry of Mushroom”)
L'Entrecote (Mushroom Cheese Fondue)
La Creperie (Paysanne Gallete)
L'Entrecote's Mushroom Cheese Fondue, good for two persons
Chickpea, Eggplant and Mushroom Tagine by Kasbah: a Moroccan vegetable stew served with couscous or basmati rice with a sprinkle of roasted almonds.
Mamou (Mushroom Truffle Cream Pasta, Mushroom Bottarga Cream Pasta)
Mesclun Restaurant and Mesclun Bistro (4 Mushroom Sourdough Pizza)
Nomama (Garlic Dry Ramen, Braised Shrooms in Shisso Butter, Farm Fresh Eggs)
Old Swiss Inn (Trio of Mushroom Roll with Petit Salad, Gratinated Eggplant & Mushroom Pesto)
Mamou's Mushroom Truffle cream Pasta
Nomama's Garlic dry ramen, braised 'shrooms in shisso butter, farm fresh egg
People's Palace (Crispy Fried Salt & Pepper Mushrooms)
Persia Grill (Hummus Gone Pink)
π Pi Breakfast & Pies (Mushroom Gruyere Pi with Caramelized Onions, Bacon and Gruyere Cheese)
The Pier (The Pier Cream of Mushroom Soup)
Pino (Mushroom and Oyster Sisig)
Pipino (Adobong Mushroom sa Gata on Quinoa with Caramelized Saba)
Hummus Gone Pink by Persia Grill
Sala Bistro (Truffled Risotto of Fresh Oyster Mushrooms, Porcini, Rocket and Parmesan)
The Sexy Chef (Sukiyaki with Vegetable Rice, Vegetarian Jap Chae)
Simply Pie (Mushroom Curry Pie)
Spring by Ha Yuan (Hot Mess KaPao)
The Clubhouse (Mushrooms and Cream)
Torch Restaurant (Truffled Quattro il Funghi Pizza)
Truffled Quattro il Funghi Pizza by Torch: Topped with sauteed fresh Abalone, wood ear, oyster and milky mushrooms, mozzarella cheese in Tartufo cream, and two sunny side up eggs.
Mushrooms Go Pink PH Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign is spearheaded by Ministry of Mushrooms, Inc. The campaign lasts the entire month of October starting October 1, while some establishments will be offering the special dishes until December. Help spread the awareness by going social with your mushrooms: use the hashtag #MushroomsGoPinkPH whenever you post on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
To know more about the campaign, contact them at and visit To know more about ICANServe Foundation, visit

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