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9 Reasons Foodies Should Visit Robinsons Selections in BGC

Not Your Average Supermarket: 9 Reasons Foodies Should Visit Robinsons Selections in BGC

Robinsons Selections, the 100th Robinsons Supermarket store, recently opened in BGC. This new store is leveling up with a new concept: imagine a leisurely grocery experience of many imported and gourmet products, an on-the-spot food trip for your P200 budget, a selection of healthier items, and free Internet.

If your pantry and fridge supply is running low, or if you're a hungry foodie wanting to check out something new, it's time to rev up those push carts and appetites for a fun grocery run at Robinsons Selections. Here are 9 reasons why you should visit this new supermarket in the BGC neighborhood.

1. Gift-Worthy Imported and Gourmet Items For The Holidays
Do your grocery shopping and gift shopping in one go, as this new supermarket boasts of both familiar and new global brands. In time for Christmas season, 'ready-to-gift' packaging decorate many food products, especially imported brands of tea, coffee, confectionery, and snack items. English Tea Shop's line of teas (P199.75/box and P280/can, P287.75/Christmas Tea line) have beautiful packaging as is, and plays the holiday theme for special packaging. Other gift-worthy imported teas found at Robinsons Selections are Clipper (P215-P235/box), and Teapigs (P325/pack). For your sweet toothed sweethearts, treat them with fun snacks like Brownie Crunch (P224/pack), a thin and crispy version of a fudgy favorite in assorted flavors like Orange, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Chocolate Chip. For a local brand worth bundling and gifting to people to stock their pantries, try out Healthy You products, Robinsons Supermarket’s own line of healthy and nutritional items that feature both local and imported ingredients. Think fruit bars, assorted nuts and trail mixes, and fruit juices at more affordable prices. Don't forget to check out their shelves of chocolates!

2. Green Shelf Tags Evaluated by Food and Nutrition Research Institute for Health-Conscious Foodies
Stocking up on food but want to keep it healthy? Just look for the green tags, as these products have been evaluated by FNRI, the supermarket's partner in choosing healthy food. 'Healthy' comes in seven categories at Robinsons Select, to help you choose which kind of healthy you are craving for or you are sticking with: low calorie, low fat, low in saturated fat, sugar free, low cholesterol, source of protein, source of dietary fiber. With the green tag, discover low cholesterol imported breakfast cereals like Honey Hoops, or ones nthat are high in dietary fiber like Sanitarium's Light n Tasty line. Craving sweets but shunning sugar? Try the sugar-free line of chocolate brands like Frey and Valor. Quinoa, packed with protein, minerals, and fiber, is also found at the supermarket, so no need to make a separate trip to a specialty store just to purchase it. Urbane Grain (P350/pack) has this popular superfood in assorted flavors like Swiss Cheese & Mushroom and Sundried Tomato & Basil. Most shelves that feature the green tags house imported brands; for something local, try the Healthy You line priced lower than health products usually found in imported  health and wellness boutiques.

3. A Gourmet Deli Aisle by Epicurious
Epicurious is a deli, cafe, and culinary studio in Shangri-La Mall that champions both locally and internationally sourced artisan products. For Robinsons Selections, they have curated a line of cheeses, deli products, and ready-to-cook marinated meats and seafood. Current best-sellers at the Epicurious deli aisle are their Rosemary and Garlic Chicken (P68/100g) and Barbecue Chicken (P114/100g). Turophiles (a.k.a. cheese connoiseurs) should check out their various cheeses like Gruyere, Manchego, Gouda, Raclette, Raquefort Coupe. Pair them with wine from their winery section, or with more Epicurious products like sausages, jamon serrano, chorizo, and other cured meats ideal for a stay-at-home tapas and wine evening.

4. A Salad Bar by Dizon Farms
Partnering with one of the pioneers in the Philippine fruit and vegetable industry, Robinsons Selections lets you pick your flavors of healthy at their salad bar. The bar features Dizon Farms products, where you can mix and match veggies, fruits, toppings and dressings to create your unique sweet and savory salads. The salads are priced per weight, at P23.50 per 100g.

5. A Line of Exclusive Health Juices
Made fresh daily and available at Robinsons Selections is Juice Up, a line of health juices exclusive to Robinsons. Each bottle is 250ml, a special mix of fruits and vegetables that help enhance your system, be it to radiate, hydrate, cleanse, insulate, or energize your weary self. Price points are also lower than the boutique juicing shops in the metro. It is highly recommeded for these juices to be consumed within 24 hours as it is all natural and fresh, so grab your bottles to go and drink up the soonest for a refreshing and healthy boost.

6. A Mongolian Rice and Shabu Shabu Station
It might sound odd that you can go grab some toiletries and stock up on your pet's dog food at the same place where you can hunker down a bowl of Mongolian Rice or a soupy serving of Shabu-Shabu. But this is what you can do exactly at Robinsons Selections -- a grocery run and a food trip, all in one. Their Mongolian Rice and Shabu-Shabu comes in two variants: P70/small and P110/large for Mongolian Rice, P105 Regular for 5 pcs Dumplings and/or Vegetables and P125 Special/7 pcs Dumplings and/or Vegetables for Shabu-Shabu. Here it is done DIY, so you get to pick what goes into your bowl of rice or soup.

7. Potluck-Ready Food for your Home and Party Feasts
If you're tired of always resorting to fast food eats to share at the office or at home, an alternative that's also fast and afforable is the selection of food at the Food-To-Go counter of Robinsons Selections. Daily specials vary, but pork and chicken staples are always available. Some potluck-ready food to try are their whole Chicken Lechon (P295) with some Marble Potatoes in Olive Oil (P40) as side, the Bar- B-Q Spareribs (P140), Lumpia Shanghai (P100/6pcs), Inihaw na Liempo (P140), and Pork Belly (P140/200g). Also, some good news for the nearby residents and office folk in BGC: soon to be available is a delivery service by Robinsons Selections for Food To Go, so you can get your hot meals and potluck favorites sent right at your doorstep.

8. Food To Go (or to enjoy Dine In) for Your P200 Budget
Feast on a variety of gourmet meals and food packs at the Food-to-go section of the supermarket with prices that are easy on the pocket. Visit Robinsons Selections on a weeknight and you will see how this spot is slowly becoming a haunt for the office crowds after work, as they make a beeline toward the hot meals. Several tables outside by the entrance are available, so you can actually enjoy the food right there instead of bringing it back home or to the office. For low-fat, fiber-rich, or low-cal meals, try the Fit Cuisine by Dizon Farms, exclusively made by Chef JP Anglo, Junior Masterchef Philippines Judge and Chef-Owner of Sarsa. These meals are also evaluated by FNRI-DOST, the team behind the green tags around the supermarket. All individual meals are priced at P190 and with generous portioning.

9. Free Wi-Fi hotspot
Okay, so this last reason to check out this new upscale supermarket concept is not really about food, but essential to social media foodies nonetheless: free Internet! Who doesn't love this? It's what most #foodporn Instagrammers usually ask for before even ordering food in restaurants. It's a reason to share your supermarket finds and today's lunch or dinner to all your friends and followers. Maybe even a quick trip to Google to research on a recipe you've been wanting to try at home, since you're stocking up on ingredients.

Visit Robinsons Selections beside Starbucks Coffee at Eight Forbes Town Road, BGC, Taguig (located beside Burgos Circle). Open daily from 9am to 11pm. Visi, Like the Facebook page (/RobinsonsSelections) and follow on Instagram (@robselections).

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