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11 Restaurants to Get Your Longganisa Fix

Me Love You Longga: 11 Restaurants to Get Your Longganisa Fix


Longganisa (sometimes spelled with only one 'g'), our local take on sausage/chorizo, is rooted in Spanish cuisine. The Spanish 'Longaniza,' just like the Filipino counterpart, has many renditions in Spain's different regions. The Longganisa's flavor scale plays around on being garlicky, spicy, peppery, and sweet; presentation-wise, the sausage links can vary from being elongated like a hotdog, to round like tiny meatballs. Modern takes on this Filipino breakfast staple go beyond the silog--there are sandwiches (like the popular 'Longaburger' in Boracay), pizzas, pastas, and even ice cream (!).

With the creativity of our restaurants in the metro, this meaty and always flavorful food will be here to stay, be it to satisfy comfort food cravings or delight our palate with something not quite familiar. Longing for some longga in Metro Manila? Here are 11 places where you can fill your tummy with different kinds of longganisa dishes!
Photo from Longganisa Sorpresa website
1. Longganisa Sorpresa
They have two branches in Manila (SM North Edsa and Kapitolyo) where you can sample regional longganisa in one roof. They serve longganisa from Alaminos, Cebu, General Santos, Lucban, Pampanga, Baguio, Cabanatuan, CDO, Calumpit, Davao, Laoag, Tuguegarao, and Vigan. Delivery service available.
Order: Longganisa with rice and one egg (P99 - choice of Alaminos, Cebu, General Santos, Lucban, Pampanga), Longganisa with jumbo rice, two eggs, and drink (P150, choice of Baguio, Cabanatuan, CDO, Calumpit, Davao, Laoag, Tuguegarao, Vigan). Sample many varieties with the Longganisa Platter (P380), or try something different with their Longganisa Sisig (P220) and Binagoongang Longganisa (P180). Take home Longganisa by the dozen (P74 to P413).

Photo from Zoricho Facebook page
2. Zoricho
This restaurant has two branches (Silver City and Robinsons Galleria), and serves Tuguegarao, Vigan, Lucban, Baliwag, Alaminos, Baguio, and Cabanatuan longganisa; They have also created their own signature longganisa named Zoricho (a word play on 'chorizo') based on a family recipe. Accepts catering.
Order: Longganisa Barkada Platter (P650, good for 3) to sample Zoricho, Tuguegarao, Vigan, Lucban, Baliwag, Alaminos, and Baguio varieties served with Ensalada; Mini Longganisa Platter (P380) - Zoricho, Vigan, Lucban, and Baguio served with ensalada in a smaller serving. Have longga with your eggs in their Zoricho Omelette (P170), you can choose whatever Longganisa variety as filling, and it's served with side salad. Take Home Longganisa by the kilo (P360-750) or by the dozen (P190-250).

Photo from Buddy's website
3. Buddy's
At selected outlets of the famous panciteria (Pearl Drive, Timog, BGC, Kalayaan, The Link), you can enjoy Longanisang lucban (known for its salty and garlicky flavor profile) to bring home, as a silog, as fried rice, and even as pizza.
Order: Longsilog Lucban (P115),  Longanisa Rice (P35), and Longanisang Lucban at Kesong Puti Supreme Pizza (P150 small/P260 medium/P425 large). Bring home Longanisa by the dozen (P135 Regular Cooked, P110 Regular Uncooked, P225 Large Cooked, P185 Large Uncooked).

4. Salo
If you're hankering for some longganisa and happen to be in the BGC area, head to this new Filipino restaurant at Fort Strip for no-fuss, affordable comfort food. Salo is open till late, should you need a cure for your hangover.
Order: Longsilog (P140) Salo rice bowl, Longa Rice (P170), or these two popular longganisa items in their Anti-hangover menu: Longaburger (P90) and Longaburger Extra (P160, with two patties and egg).

Photo from Romulo Cafe Facebook page
5. Romulo Cafe
If you want to go beyond the typical longsilog and have a bit of a finer longanisa meal, head to this cafe in Makati and QC. They use Vigan longganisa for three of their dishes, a variety of the Filipino sausage noted for its garlicky and spicy flavors. The restaurant is date-place worthy too, with its interior design done by Yong Nieva and Ivy Almario.
Order: Cheese and Vigan Longganisa Dumplings (P150), Vigan Longganisa Rice (P145), and Penne Carbonara with Vigan Longganisa Pasta (P260).

Photo from Via Mare Facebook page
6. Cafe Via Mare
Via Mare has been known for decades for its traditional Filipino merienda fare, especially their year-round offering of bibingka and puto bumbong, going beyond the Christmas season. Enjoy an order of Vigan longganisa as an all-day breakfast meal or a mid-afternoon snack.
Order: Vigan Longganisa Altanghap (P325) served with eggs any style with garlic fried rice, and Crispy Vigan Longanisa Grilled Pan De Sal (P250).

Photo from Mary Grace Cafe Facebook page
7. Mary Grace Cafe
This restaurant, formerly a small home-based bakery, is now as known for their savory comfort food as much as their breads and cakes. Like Romulo Cafe and Via Mare, Mary Grace champions the Vigan longganisa--their take on it is in the form of a sandwich, and a breakfast treat combined with eggs.
Order: Vigan Longganisa and Kesong Puti Sandwich (P241), Vigan Longganisa with scrambled eggs (P320), and Vigan Longganisa with ham/cheese omelette (P400).

Photo from Sérye website
8. Sérye
The restaurant's name is a play on 'Reyes,'  the family name of its owners. The Reyes family, rich in culinary heritage, is most popular for their rendition of the Pinoy barbecues. Sample their take on the Filipino sausage as a pasta dish or a sandwich.
Order: Vigan Longganisa Bolognese (P225, Solo) and Longganisa't Kesong Puti Pandesal (P236).

Photo from Banapple Facebook page
9. Banapple
Pies, cheesecakes, and affordable comfort food favorites flank the menu of Banapple Pies and Cheesecakes, a bakery cafe that seems to be always occupied by customers no matter the time of day. Their longganisa, stir-fried in olive oil, comes with caramelized onions and Banapple's signature creamy parsley eggs.
Order: Savory longanisa with caramelized onions (P185).

Photo from Early Bird Breakfast Club Facebook page
10. Early Bird Breakfast Club
Known for serving beautiful breakfast in the metro with their pretty and Instagram-worth platings, Early Bird is also known for their take on the longganisa, said to be an heirloom recipe. As an appetizer, they bread the longganisa and serve with a small salad; as a breakfast meal, it is served with garlic rice and egg.
Order: Longganisa Crisp (P280) and Viva Longganisa (P345).

11. Black Sheep
If you want to experience longganisa unlike any other, your best bet is to visit Black Sheep in BGC, a restaurant and bar that constantly pushes for creativity and innovation in their culinary offerings. Their famous savory ice cream version of the longganisa can be tasted as part of the dinner set menu (P1,900/person).
Order: On their set menu, choose the Longganisa for your first course, served with crispy pork flakes, black rice, and sour vinegar jelly.

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