Tuesday, July 8, 2014

How to eat Japanese food politely

Japanese Table Manners 101: How to eat Japanese food politely


Japan is a nation of culture and traditions. This is why it should no longer surprise us that in Japan, an activity as mundane as eating commands rigid manners and respect.

In this poster below, we've rounded up the basic rules and etiquette when eating Japanese food. Read on how to eat Japanese food politely and impress your friends on your next Japanese-themed food trip.
Additional guidelines:

1. Before eating, Japanese people say "itadakimasu," to thank everyone who made the meal possible. You might want to practice that, too!
2. In stricter and more formal Japanese restaurants, you are discouraged from mixing soy with wasabi. What you should do instead is place a small amount of wasabi directly on the piece of sashimi and then dip the fish lightly into the soy sauce.
3. Do not rest your chopsticks on the bowl in between bites. If you want to put them down, do so on a chopstick rest.
4. When dining with a group, remember that if you touch or lift the food with your chopsticks already, you can't put it back.
5. In Japan, it is considered bad manners to waste soy sauce. Try not to pour more than you will use.
If you're looking for places on where to practice your newly learned skills, check out the Japanese section of our Food and Drink guide.
Can you think of other Japanese food guidelines? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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