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8 Incredible Fast Food Items We Want To Have Here in The Philippines

Wish You Were Here: 8 Incredible Fast Food Items We Want To Have Here in The Philippines


Manila is #blessed with many international food joints feeding us popular dishes, but there are mouthwatering items that have yet to grace our local menus. Here are 8 fast food items that made our mouths water, heart flutter, and fingers cross that the friendly folks of these brands bring them over sooner than later to the Philippines.

Photo from Subway India Website

1. Chicken Local Subs, Subway India
In place of pork and beef, their menu is filled with turkey, chicken, and vegetarian items. Subway India's Local Subs are stuff our local palate are familiar with, but turned into sandwiches. Indian food favorites like tender pieces of Chicken Tikka and Chicken Tandoori, marinated in succulent spices and herbs, served in freshly baked bread? Yes, please. We're curious to discover the flavors of India stuffed in a freshly made sandwich.

Photo from Taco Bell USA Website

2. Doritos Locos Tacos, Taco Bell USA
Our local menu of the tex-mex fast food chain is pretty streamlined to common dishes like quesadilla, nachos, and burritos. We pray to the Taco Bell gods that their Doritos Locos Tacos, the first taco with a shell made out of the popular brand of tortilla chips, be brought to our shores, because it's pretty much the stuff of junk food junkies' dreams. Imagine a crunchy taco that is already laced with popular Doritos flavors like Spicy, Cool Ranch, and Nacho Cheese. Add to it seasoned beef, veggies and cheese, and you've got an ultra flavorful fiesta in every bite. WANT.

Photos from Wendy's USA Website

3. Breakfast Biscuits, Wendy's USA
Understandably, most if not all international fast food brands setting up shop here in the country offer rice meals on their menu, especially as breakfast options. But what about some hot and fresh-off-the-oven buttermilk biscuits brushed with butter for breakfast? We used to enjoy fast-food biscuits by way of Popeye's, but that fried chicken brand unfortunately did not last long in the local market. Still, we think that fresh baked biscuits would sell, especially in three mouthwatering variants: with grilled sausage, with honey butter chicken, and with a trio of eggs, cheese and bacon. Those crisp, flaky, Southern style buttermilk biscuits need to be experienced again by our bellies.

Photo from KFC Australia Website

4. Kentucky Burger, KFC Australia
Chicken sells well locally, from roasted to fried to double fried to Korean to good ol' Max's fried chicken. So maybe there's a way for KFC to bring in the Kentucky Burger. They take the original recipe chicken, turn it into a fillet, serving as patty to a burger loaded with coleslaw, crispy onions, cheese, bacon, and barbecue sauce. An explosion of flavors and textures in one bite. And as they say, everything is better with bacon. So yeah, we're pretty much sold.

Photo from Burger King Singapore Website

5. Rendang Burger, Burger King Singapore
The Internet's all abuzz about Burger King Japan's limited edition black burgers, with its elements (buns, cheese, sauce) infused with squid ink. It's oddly appealing, and definitely arouses curiosity of the adventurous eater in time for Halloween. But something long available in the Singapore outlets is the Rendang Burger. It's been around since the 80s, and our tastebuds need to find out why they love it so. Sesame buns sandwich a flame-grilled beef patty (or two), topped with onions, coated with a spicy Indonesian Rendang sauce. We know rendang traditionally served as a hearty beef stew, slow-cooked in coconut milk and spices. Burger King's take on this dish is an American sandwich meeting Asian flavors, and that should feel right at home in Manila. BRB, mouth is watering.

Photo from Dairy Queen USA Website

6. Oreo Brownie Earthquake, Dairy Queen USA
We have our indulgent share of Blizzards and Dilly Bars, but more sweetness is always very welcome in the country, where we are known for our love for all things sweet (even in our pizzas and spaghetti). So how come we don't have Oreo Brownie Earthquake in our DQ menu yet? Picture this: an Oreo brownie smothered in DQ soft serve ice cream, then toppped with marshmallow, hot fudge, whipped cream, and crushed Oreo cookies. Cookie cravings and ice cream cravings are met in a single dessert. This lovely Royal Treat is also available in Mexico as Oreo Brownie Avalanche, and in France as Avalanche brownie Oreo. Why not in Manila? Seriously, why?

Photo from Domino's Pizza New Zealand Facebook Page

7. Prawn Bacon & Feta, Domino's Pizza New Zealand and Australia
Domino's Pizza in the country currently offers its diners three types of crusts to choose from: classic hand-tossed, thin, and double decker. In New Zealand and Australia, they have seven options, depending on the thickness and cheesyness you like for your crust--and they also have a gluten-free base. How we'd love to order a Triple Cheese crusted pizza of Prawn Bacon & Feta -- just by the words alone, it's an instant crowd-pleasing pie. The pizza is topped with prawns, rasher bacon, feta cheese, capsicum, fresh tomato, garlic sauce with oregano, and chilli flakes. Surf and turf in every bite of a pizza is always good. Bacon is always good. "Hello, Domino's New Zealand? Umm, do you deliver to Manila?"

Photo from McDonald's France Website

8.  Le M Bacon, McDonald's France
This fast food chain is everywhere, and whenever it opens up shop in a country, it finds creative ways to cater to the local palate, resulting in a very diverse menu. You can probably do a very interesting and flavorful foodtrip around the world just by ordering a different McDonald's burger in every country you find yourself in. In the Philippines, for example, we have the McSpaghetti and Longganisa Meal, not found anywhere else but here. There were so many McDonald's items all around the world not found locally that piqued our interest, but boy, did France's Le M Bacon make our hearts flutter.
Leave it to the French to take their breads and cheeses seriously. It looks non-fastfoody at all, this Le M Bacon, a sandwich of seasoned beef patty, accompanied by a slice of bacon and cheese, embraced by toasty bread baked in a stone oven. It looks fancy and delicious, and ordering 'One Le M Bacon to go,' will instantly make you feel fancypantsy. We're becoming well-acquainted with modern bakery-cafes and artisanal European bread in Manila, anyway, so we think this burger will defintely fly in our local McDo outlets. Oui? Oui.

Have you discovered awesome fast food items in your travels abroad that you wish they could carry over to our country's outlets? Share them with us in the comments section!

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