Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Uncle Tetsu Philippines opened its first store in SM Fairview

Meet Uncle Tetsu, The Japanese Cheesecake Causing Long Lines Around Asia


The demand for a fix of these dreamy treats have people lining up in their shops at China, Taiwan, and other Asian regions. The Japanese cheese cake craze is now invading Manila and Uncle Tetsu is ready to serve you his freshly baked cheese cake. We've unboxed one recently. Take a look!
Uncle Tetsu Philippines opened its first store in SM Fairview, followed by a stall at The Podium Mall. Currently, it offers the classic Japanese cheese cake, but will soon roll out more flavors, and offer beverages. A branch in Alabang and in Mall of Asia will be opening very soon.

Japanese cheese cakes should not be confused with the American cheesecake, which is typically crusted with crushed graham and topped with sauces and fruits. Just by its look alone, the Japanese-style cheesecake is fluffy, light, and golden.
Uncle Tetsu is a Japanese brand of the cheesecake that has been a blockbuster in other Asian countries like China, Singapore, and Taiwan. Some stalls experience long queues, and the wait can take 30 minutes and even an hour for a customer to get their Uncle Tetsu fix. Sounds like the typical wait for new ramen joints in Manila.
The cakes are baked fresh daily, using top ingredients, and absolutely no preservatives, which is why it is recommended to finish your cake within 3 days of purchase.
P299 gets you one whole original Cheesecake--a golden fluffy one with a caricature of Uncle Tetsu Ojisan himself hand-stamped in the middle, licking his lips. He's clearly enjoying his own cakes.
A box comes with a plastic knife. Slice very carefully, and handle the box with care, as the cake is delicate and light. The cheese cake easily crinkles and folds, and melts in your mouth. A slice is deceivingly light, as its sweetness is subtle and the texture very airy.
Fans of this cake have been known to inhale one in one sitting--that's one whole cake for one happy foodie. The experience is like eating something really good that has no calories, but please be reminded, it has calories.Try to share the sweetness, as this cake is indulgent with cream cheese, eggs, milk, butter, sugar, and flour. Or if you're not counting calories nor carbs, buy two cakes: one for yourself and one for the others.
Is it a souffle? A sponge cake? A cloud from the heavens of the baking kingdom? Local palates will most likely compare the Japanese cheese cake to a mamon--an incredibly fluffy and cottony-soft one, and this is a good thing. Perhaps it's all of these descriptions, molded into one fluffy cake of happiness. It's best to eat it right away while warm. However, there have been advocates of the chilled, straight-from-fridge method of consumption.
Craving for Japanese cheesecake? Get your Uncle Tetsu cake fix at SM Fairview and The Podium Mall. Soon to open in Alabang and Mall of Asia. Like them on Facebook (/UncleTetsuPH) and follow on Instagram and Twitter (@UncleTetsuPH).

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