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Manila Home Bakers List 2014 - Home Baked Goodies

Manila Home Bakers List 2014

Planning to give out home-baked goodies this Christmas? We've rounded up some of the metro's best home bakers to make your life easier.

  1. Baby Pat Breads and Pastries
Image: Baby Pat Breads and Pastries Facebook Page
Best-sellers: Ube Ensaymada, Nutella Ensaymada, Queso de Bola Cheese Rolls
New item: Queso de Bola Cheese Rolls
How to order: Email or text call +639239759777 | (02)7751231
Image: Browbaker Manila Instagram Page
Best-seller: Brouffles (hybrid of brownies and truffle)
Christmas special: Marzipan Stollen
Price: Brouffles – Php349 (box of 9), Marzipan Stollen – Php220/loaf
How to order: Email or text +639053568640 | +639164696119
Image: Bucky's website
Best-seller: Original Buckies (chocolate x salt)
Price: Php350/box
How to order: Email or text +639178445104
Image: Cariza's Facebook Page
Best-sellers: Nutella and Hershey's Morsels Stuffed Cookies
Christmas special: Individually wrapped stuffed cookies with fondant topper
Price: Premium flavors (Nutella, Reese's, Kinder Bueno, Snickers) – Php400 (box of 8 assorted); Regular flavors (Choc Nut, Double Stuff Oreo, Hershey's Morsels, White Chocolate) – Php350 (box of 8 assorted); Stuffed cookies with Christmas packaging – Php65/cookie
How to order: Email or text +639153332111
Image: Dessert Jars Facebook Page
Best-sellers: Orange Chocolate Mousse, Green tea White Chocolate Mousse
How to order: Email or text +63209984664571

Image: Homemade by Roshan website
Best-seller: Ghirardelli Chocolate Chip Cookies
Christmas special: Christmas Gift Boxes
Price: Ghirardelli Chocolate Chip Cookies – Php900 (12 pcs), Christmas Snowman or Santa Cookie Gift Tin – Php1,650 (8pcs Ghirardelli Chocolate Chip, 5pcs Belgian Chocolate Chunk & 3pcs Belgian Black & Whites)
How to order: Call +639178336286 or 631-7786
Image: Kalookies Facebook Page
Best-sellers: Kalassic (Hershey's Semi Sweet Chocolate Chip and Nutella)
Christmas special: “Christmas Special” - 12 flavors in one box
Price: Kalassic – Php350/dozen, Christmas Special – Php450/box
How to order: Fill out this order form or text +639986270288
Image: Kate Baked Facebook Page
Best-sellers: Maltesers and Milo Cookies
How to order: Email or call +639178369112
Image: Kooky Pam Facebook Page
Best-seller: Callebaut Almond, Dark Belgian Choco Chip
Price: Regular flavors (Dark Belgian Choco Chip, White Choco Macadamia Oat, Mocha Walnut, Oat Choco Raisin) – Php480 (box of 12, maximum of 3 flavors); Premium flavors (Red Velvet with Cream Cheese filling, Callebaut Almond) – Php540 (box of 12)
How to order: Email or call +639399204647
Image: Love & Butter Facebook Page
Best-seller: Cacao Nibs with 65% Dark Chocolates
Price: Php350 (pack of 10 cookies)
How to order: Email or call +639173064435
Image: Love Agnessi Instagram Page
Best-seller: Chocolate Chip
Christmas special: Assorted Flavor Box of 16
Price: Chocolate Chip – Php350/ box of 14, Chocolate Walnut – Php380/box of 14, Double Chocolate – Php450/box of 14, Peanut Butter & Chocolate – Php450/box of 14, White Chocolate & Macadamia – Php450/box of 14s, Triple Chunk – Php480/box of 14, Assorted Flavor Box of 16 – Php500
How to order: Email or text +639175291816
Image: OH Mug Goodness Facebook Page
Best-seller: Gooey Choco Lava
How to order: Email or text +639175378216
Image: Puto Pao King Facebook Page
Best-seller: Original Chicken Asado with Salted Egg (Puto Pao is a puto-siopao hybrid)
Other must-try flavors: Cream Cheese and Cheesy Ube
Price: Php138/box of 6
How to order: Text or call +639178851797
Image: The Bald Baker Instagram Page
Best-seller: Chocollows (classic chocolate chip cookies with gooey marshmallows)
New item: Black Sesame Matchallows
Price: Chocollows – Php60, Birthday Milkies 2.0 – Php 65, Salted Caramel – Php65, White Chocolate Cranberry – Php65, Black Sesame Matchallows – Php65
How to order: Minimum order of 8 cookies or 1 box (maximum of 2 flavors per box). Email or text +63917 5116370
Image: The Bearded Baker Facebook Page
Best-sellers: Smore's Choco Chip Monster Cookie and Classic Chocolate Chip Monster Cookie
Price: Php350/box of 6, Php600/dozen
How to order: Text or call +639179002724
Image: The Beehive Pastries Facebook Page
Best-seller: Apple Crumble
Price: Small – Php280, Big – Php380
How to order: Email or text +639228222399, +639228111036
Image: The Bekiry Website
Best-seller: Pookie Dough (chocolate cupcake with homemade cookie dough filling, topped with milky frosting)
Price: Mudak (regular) – Php65-70 each, Backlettes (mini cupcakes) – Php250/dozen
How to order: Minimum order of 6pcs for Mudak cupcakes and 1 dozen for Backlettes. Fill out this order form.
Image: Think Wink Instagram Page
Best-seller: Milky Way Cookies
How to order: Email or text +639772148060

Image: Voila Jars Facebook Page
Best-seller: Belgian Fudge No. 5 (ready-to-bake jar cake)
Price: Php120/jar
How to order: Fill out this order form or text/call +639178623242
Image: Wadough's Instagram Page
Best-seller: Yema Cake
Other must-tries: KitKat Cake, Carrot-Zucchini Cupcakes
Price: Yema Cake (20 yolk, 9-inch) – Php500, Yema Cake (12 yolk, 6-inch) – Php300; KitKat Cake – Php1,400; Carrot-Zucchini Cupcakes – Php900/dozen
How to order: Email or text/call +639228158783

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