Wednesday, June 24, 2015

FAT Restaurant, Now Open in Forbes Town Center BGC

Fat is Flavor: FAT Restaurant, Now Open in Forbes Town Center BGC

Serving guilt-free comfort food and unabashedly unapologetic indulgent eats, this new restaurant in Taguig featuring Locavore's Chef Mikel Zaguirre culinary creations is where hungry diners enter with that "What Diet?" mood to eat fatty and hearty.

FAT Restaurant recently opened this month at Forbes Town Center in BGC and from its name, and the first slew of food porn in social media circles, they are out to prove tastebuds that fat is indeed flavor. Ditch your diets when you visit this new spot and prepare for a feast featuring many kinds of proteins in fatty, flavorful glory.

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Photo from FAT Restaurant Facebook
For example, a Turkish dessert goes heavy on protein with their Bacon Baklava, a phyllo pastry of pistachio, almonds, maple glazed bacon and brown butter ice cream -- making for a very unique dessert item. Another Mediterranean item on their menu is the Morrocan Spiced Chicken Fillet with spanakopita, cherry tomato, sour cream, and pico de gallo. More meaty and savory treats await the hungry carnivore at FAT: they have their own chicharon with pickles and spiced vinegar, steak and eggs, porchetta, pig's ears, duck foie gras burger, a poutine made extra luscious with bone marrow gravy, and a spin on comfort food dishes like pork and beans.
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Photo from FAT Restaurant Facebook
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Photo from FAT Restaurant Facebook
Visit FAT at Forbes Town Center, 29th Street corner Rizal Drive, BGC; open daily for dinner from 6pm to 9pm. Call 856-4090, like in Facebook (/FatRestaurant), and follow on Instagram and Twitter (@fatrestaurant).
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