Friday, September 4, 2015

Asakusa, Home of Tempura Now Open at The Grove Rockwell in Pasig

Now Open at The Grove: Asakusa, Home of Tempura

Our food scene has been invaded by the ramens and katsus, and now hot on the scene is tempura: the battered, deep-fried delight done the Japanese way. Asakusa: Home of Tempura just opened its doors to the public two weeks ago at The Grove Rockwell in Pasig, and as its name suggests, this new Japanese joint is all about serving tempura.

For their ebi tempura, Asakusa uses black tiger prawns, and you can order the tempura as sets to arrive on your table as a complete and filling meal. The Shogun Set is black tiger prawns that can be ordered as 3 Star Shogun Set (P308/3pcs) or 5 Star Shogun Set (P478/5pcs). Their most premium set is Emperor Set (P498), with

2 black tiger prawns, scallop, shiitake mushroom, kani, fish, zucchini, and French beans. Sets come with rice and your choice of sauce (traditional tempura or Asakusa sauce), and you can upgrade sets to get Fried Rice (add P28), Cold Soba/Udon (P40), or Hot Soba/Udon (P50). If you're seeking for yasai tempura (vegetable tempura), there is the Geisha Set (P188), a vegetarian tempura mix of shiitake mushrooms, squash, eggplant, sweet potato, and French beans; an all-seafood tempura set of prawn, fish, squid, and kani can be ordered through Seafood Catch (P248) set. For a little bit of everyhing, get the Samurai Set (P288): it has prawn, fish, squid, eggplaint, squash, and French beans.
Photo from Asakusa Facebook page
You can DIY your way into a tempura meal -- however small a meal or big of a deep-fried feast you wish -- by creating your own tempura set: 1) Choose your tempura (a selection of seafood and veggies you order per piece), 2) Choose a side (different kinds of rice, udon, and soba), and 3) Choose a sauce (Asakusa or traditional). You can also order your tempura served in a bowl with udon or soba for P258.
Affordable meal-starters include Chawan Mushi (P68), Tuna Salad (P168), and Gyoza (P148), and if you happen to be at this tempura joint but suddenly craving for things not tempura--fret not. They have items like tofu steak, gyudon, maki rolls, soba, and udon to fill you up nicely.
Asakusa: Home of Tempura is now open at the ground floor of The Grove Rockwell Retail Row, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave., Pasig. Open daily from 11am-10pm. Call 0928-3142590 for inquiries, Like on Facebook (/Asakusahomeoftempura) and follow on Instagram (@asakusahomeoftempura).
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