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Tutto Domani - A Good Place To Hang Out

Tutto Domani: More than a Remedy for Boredom

by Cityzen | M.C. Jose
Tutto Domani (which translates to “Everything Tomorrow”) is one of Makati’s hidden wonders. Located right across Greenbelt 3 and tucked into a corner of New World Hotel, it is a sure sight for the wandering eye in search for a good place to hang out. I myself would have never noticed Domani had my friends not invited me to visit it. I ended up so enamoured with the café and its food that I dropped by a second time to conduct the actual feature.

With all the interesting furnishings and knickknacks on display inside the store, it’s not hard to imagine that Domani was once a custom furniture shop. However, co-owner Anthony Yupangco wanted to inject some of his creative culinary spirit into the business, so he began to conceptualize a menu that would allow his customer to partake of delicious yet equally interesting food.
“We cook as you order,” Anthony shares. “We want the customers to be able to enjoy the best that we can offer, and one of the ways to do that is to serve the food as they come out of the kitchen. The wait can be quite long, but the quality of our food makes up for it.”
Domani has found a way to make waiting fun for its hungry customers. There are all sorts of puzzles and brainteasers around the café that you can entertain yourself with while waiting for your meal. A favourite among my group of friends is the Meiji chocolate puzzle in which your primary task is to rebuild the whole chocolate bar from strategically cut bits and pieces. Beware: it is not as easy as it looks! Anthony says there’s a trick to solving the puzzle—just check out the back of the box. Aside from food and furniture, Domani also sells imported, hard-to-find toys such as Bototoy and the ever-so-amusing angry banana man that my friends and I consider a good source of endless amusement.
Domani kicked our food experience off with their Roasted Crispy Chicken (P399). This twice-cooked chicken gets its amazing taste from its skin and its special broth, which gives the meat—it is very soft and juicy, might I add—a distinct taste. This dish comes with their Mesclun salad and TD House Iced Tea (P110 per carafe).
Roasted Crispy Chicken
TD House Iced Tea
Afterwards, Anthony suggested that we go with one of their power meal platter options to be able to try a little bit of everything else. A power meal platter (prices vary) comes with small portions of a choice of pasta, a menu-specified sandwich, the dessert of the day and iced tea. Our power meal platter consisted of small servings of Saffron Cream Sauce and Mushroom Truffle Sea Salt Pasta (P195 solo), Adobo Loco sandwich (P220 solo) and Crepe Samurai (P75 solo). This Power Meal Platter option is priced at P390.
Power Meal Platter
The saffron cream sauce pasta is my favourite savory dish at Domani. I had it for the first time during my first visit, and immediately fell in love with it because it is such a light, hearty (not to mention price-friendly!) take on a rare pasta dish. The adobo loco sandwich is one of Domani’s best-selling sandwiches. It has a bit of a European twist to it thanks to the ricotta pesto that is packed in with the adobo, giving it a creamier, richer taste.
Saffron Cream Sauce and Mushroom Truffle Sea Salt Pasta, Adobo Loco sandwich
We also had some of their trademark Bread Pizza, which is not your typical pizza because they do not make use of pizza dough as the base. They offer four different combinations that are priced at P250. We opted for Combination 1, which consists of chorizo, onions, mixed herbs and three kinds of cheese. Aside from having a different taste and texture due to the bread used, it doesn’t leave you feeling heavy or overly full.
Bread Pizza Combination 1
The crepe samurai will always be one of my favourite desserts at Domani. When we visited for the first time, the café generously gave us one cup each for free. The main ingredients are crepe with sabayon sauce, and you have the option to have mango, banana or strawberry as your fruit. I am personally partial to the mango-flavoured one because it goes really well with the sauce.
Mango Crepe Samurai
The Crounds (P70 for four pieces) are probably Tutto Domani’s greatest dessert inventions. They are these little burger-like bread buns stuffed with the flavour of your choice: butter, sugar and cheese, three kinds of cheese, chocolate, peanut butter, and chorizo and cheese for those who feel like having something savory. “Cround isn’t even a real word,” Anthony shares with a laugh. “I just felt that we had to call these things something because people were referring to them as balls”. My vote for this goes to the chocolate-flavoured ones. Just think of tiny Nutella burgers.
Tutto Domani is more than just a remedy for the bored. It is a small space brimming with bits and pieces of creativity. Here, everything from the food to the interior gives patrons good reasons to start conversation. You are more than free to gnash your teeth in frustration while trying to solve that chocolate puzzle in between forkfuls of saffron cream pasta.  You have the option to giggle endlessly over the angry banana, too. No one will judge you.
Establishment Info
Tutto Domani
P200 - P499

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