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Clubhouse - A Warm & Inviting Place with Delicious Comfort Food

The Clubhouse: Taking Things Easy

by Cityzen | M.C. Jose
 A few weeks before the feature, I, together with some of my own friends, spent an afternoon at The Clubhouse. We really felt at home in the restaurant because it had such a casual, laid-back vibe, and none of the staff were hovering over our shoulders like vultures with the intention of shooing us away.

Hang out at The Clubhouse

The story of The Clubhouse begins with a group of close-knit friends. “We wanted a place where we could just casually meet up,” co-owner and food styling maven Sharlene Tan shares. “Our barkada, which started when we were in highschool, wanted to be able to continue to hang out in one place, so we decided to just put up one of our own. This is why we called it ‘The Clubhouse’—so it could serve as a venue for people to enjoy good food and just feel comfortable enough to hang around with their friends.”
And she’s right.

Located at the Upper Ground Floor of Robinsons Magnolia

To start, we sampled two varieties of soup: Velvety Tomato Soup (P115) and Mushroom Soup (P135). The velvety tomato, a standout according to Sharlene, is a delicious blend of pureed tomatoes, cream and basil. I was quite enamoured by this because I am a big fan of tomatoes and basil (especially together!) and thought it was a fun, exciting way to begin the feature. The mushroom soup, on the other hand, tasted the way I felt it was supposed to: like a timeless classic. It has none of that canned soup texture, which makes it worth trying out. In addition, we also had a Nacho Platter (P185), which comes with their homemade chili beef, sour cream and cheese sauce.

Mushroom Soup and Velvety Tomato Soup
Nacho Platter

The Clubhouse boasts wonderful breakfast creations. Because breakfast food is such a big trend right now, the restaurant allows their customers to order from the breakfast menu up to three in the afternoon. What I love about their breakfast menu is that they pay special attention to both international and local favourites. The Vigan Longganisa Hash (P225) and the Tuyo Rice Bowl (P185) are the best of their Filipino-inspired offerings. The hash comes with two eggs, garlic parsley rice and pineapple salsa. The tuyo rice bowl gives tuyo an edge by cooking it with mushrooms, capers and olives. This too, is served with pineapple salsa. Customers also have the option to request for a spicier mix.

Vigan Longganisa Hash
Tuyo Rice Bowl
I made a special request for their Eggs Atlantic (P275 – single, P425 – double), a dish that has always been dear to my heart. This dish comes with slices of smoked salmon with spinach, poached egg and special hollandaise sauce, all of which make me very happy. I have nothing but praise for The Clubhouse’s incarnation of one of my most favourite breakfast dishes.
Eggs Atlantic
From their all-day dining specials, we had the Chicken Sandwich (P245), Creamy Chicken Parmigiana (P245) and Mom’s Meatballs (P215). I enjoyed the chicken sandwich because there was a bit of a twist to it. Served in a croissant, the chicken salad meshed really well with the alfalfa sprouts and almond bits. The parmigiana and the meatball pastas were good in the sense that they have this made-by-mom taste, which adds to the comfort vibe that The Clubhouse offers.
Chicken Sandwich
Creamy Chicken Parmigiana
Mom’s Meatballs
For dessert, we had Super Moist Carrot Cake (P100) and Almond Royale (P120). Their carrot cake is one of the best that I have tried. As indicated by the name, it is very soft and sort of melts in your mouth. The almond cake has a brittle texture and a subtle flavor, which may be either a hit or miss depending on customer’s preferences.
Super Moist Carrot Cake
Almond Royale
There is no doubting the fact that Sharlene and her friends were successfully able to incorporate the solid bonds of their friendship into this shared restaurant venture. The Clubhouse, in essence, is a warm, inviting place with delicious comfort food where groups of people are welcome to simply get together.
Establishment Info
The Clubhouse
P200 - P499

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