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Jack Frost Premium Ice Cream

Getting to know Ice Cream with Jack Frost

by Cityzen | M.C. Jose
 My first encounter with Jack Frost Premium Ice Cream was during my feature at Lunchbox. Lunchbox serves some flavors as part of their menu, and I was able to try out a delicious serving of Jack Frost’s WMD (Wintermelon Delight) ice cream. Some time after, Bonner Dytoc, the man behind Jack Frost, sent me a message inviting me to try out the rest of Jack Frost’s flavors. As an avid fan of artisan ice cream, who was I to say no?

Jack Frost’s WMD available at Lunchbox
Dytoc, who continues to work corporate by day, devotes his weekends and free time to his creations. “If this goes as well as I want it to, I would quit my day job,” he shares. “Ice cream is just that much of a passion for me.” As of right now, Dytoc sets up shop in his home, making his ice cream on a per order basis or supplying it to restaurants. Jack Frost Premium Ice Cream specializes in delicious non-traditional flavors that have been conceptualized and carefully concocted by Dytoc himself. Although artisan ice cream is a business that has been around for awhile, some of the flavors available at Jack Frost’s are of a nature that has never really crossed the boundaries of my imagination before.
Interesting, right?
I came into this with high expectation because I sampled the WMD before, so I was hoping for other flavors of the same caliber. I distinctly recall that the first flavor we were asked to try was the Basil, which is, at first thought, something that shouldn’t, logically, even be ice cream. Dytoc told me that this was something that not a lot of people love, which is understandable because basil is a leaf. Surprisingly, it did translate well as a dessert, in my opinion, but this may be an either-or option for others. The Orange Rosemary (which is fantastic) and the Lemon Mint would probably be in the same category: great tasting for some, not so for others, but very unique, overall.
Orange Rosemary
Lemon Mint
The Silky Amber (which is salted butter caramel), White Rock (vanilla with almond roca) and Cheesecake (available in blueberry, strawberry and oreo) are twists on household classics that I feel can do well with a lot of people because they, traditionally, have already become favourites among consumers. I would definitely recommend the Silky Amber because I am a big fan of the sweet-and-salty mix, especially when it comes to my desserts.
White Rock
Oreo Cheesecake
Morning Rush is one of the best coffee-flavoured ice creams that I have had. This has the promise of a stronger brew (read: actual coffee flavor) that is guaranteed to please coffee lovers. Another delicious variant, Azuki Cha Cha, which has been named for one of the most well-loved anime series, is green tea-flavoured ice cream with candied red beans. The newest one, which was also the special release for Valentine’s Day, is Nuts & Roses. This draws its flavors out from a mix of roses and pistachio nuts, giving off a rather organic vibe.
Morning Rush
Nuts & Roses
At Jack Frost, pints can sell for P200 to P250, half-gallons from P700 to P800, and gallons from P1,300 to P1,500. Artisan ice cream is generally more expensive due to the ingredients and the amount of work that goes into it, but I can guarantee that this brand is well worth the price.
So if you’re looking for yet another way to stay cool this summer, treat yourself to some unique flavors from Jack Frost.

Images courtesy of Jack Frost Premium Ice Cream.
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Jack Frost Premium Ice Cream
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