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14 Places in Manila to Get Your Red Velvet Desserts

 Color it Red: 14 Places in Manila to Get Your Red Velvet Desserts

Dressed in that eye-catching ravishing red and finished off with a layer of cream cheese is what makes the Red Velvet Cake a sweet number, a flavor that's a perennial best-seller in the desserts category.

Her best-seller: Red Velvet Cake by Cukay Viray of Cukay's

Photo from Cukay's Facebook It wasn't a Miss Congeniality of a cake at the start, though; cookbook authors rarely mentioned it, and experts were not quite impressed by it. The cake was rediscovered in the 1940s, but only became exceptionally trendy in the 1990s. The cake is known to have a tender, moist, and smooth texture, hence a 'velvet' cake. It also features cocoa, albeit very faintly present in its flavors. The red velvet is said to have originally acquired its reddish tint due to chemical reaction of certain ingredients, when non-alkalized cocoa powder is combined with baking soda and acidic elements (vinegar and buttermilk). Modern cocoa powders now have neutralizing ingredients, so the food tinting now relies mostly on a lot of food coloring (and occasionally beet juice) to achieve that striking red. To add a dimension of slight tang, and a pop of white as contrast to red, cream cheese frosting is used.

Her best-seller, too: Red Velvet Cake by Karen Young of Karen's Kitchen
Photo from Karen's Kitchen website
Red Velvet is not only popular in America, but locally as well-- just take a look at the many dessert options available in Manila, and witness the red-velvetization of many kind of sweets and pastries. It is mostly featured in cupcakes, but also popular in many delicious permutations and interpretations -- red velvet can now be sliced, scooped, sipped, even eaten with your bare hands.
In time for Valentine's weekend (and for whenever your sweet tooth romances for it), here are 14 places in Manila to get your red velvet fix--in many ways and forms.

Photo from Cupcakes by Sonja Instagram
1. Cupcakes by Sonja
FB: /CupcakesBySonjaOfficial | IG and Twitter: @cupcakesbysonja
Order: Red Velvet Vixen Cupcake (P95), Red Velvet Milkshake (P195)

Photo from Karen's Kitchen website
2. Karen's Kitchen
FB: /mykarenskitchen | IG: @KarensKitchenPH |
Order: Red Velvet Cake ( P800/8 inch,  P600/6 inch, P1,600/10 inch), Red Velvet Cupcake (P80/piece, P480/box of 6, P960/box of 12), Frozen Red Velvet Cookies

Photo from Cukay's Instagram
3. Cukay's
FB: "Cukay's" | IG: @cukayscakes |
Order: Red Velvet Cake (P160/Slice, P250/4 inch, P750/7 inch, P1,500/9 inch), Red Velvet Cupcakes (P60/pc, P360/Box of 6, P720/Box of 12, P90/Mini box of 6), Red Velvet Cake Jar (P150), Heart-shaped Red Velvet Cake (P250/Mini, P750/7 inch; plus P5 per letter dedication)

4. Sophie's Mom
FB: /sophiesmomonline | IG & Twitter: @SophiesMomPH
Order: Red Velvet Cupcake (P65), Red Velvet Cheesecake Cookie (P50), Red Velvet Cookie with Cream Cheese (P50), Red Velvet Mochi Ice Cream (P50)

Photo from My Cookie Lab Instagram
5. My Cookie Lab
FB: /mycookielab | IG & Twitter: @mycookielab |
Order: Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Whoopie Pie (P50/Regular, P35/Mini), Red Velvet Crinkle Whoopies(P50/Regular, P35/Mini)

Photo from Slice Facebook
6. Slice
FB: /slicehighst | IG & Twitter: @slicehighst |
Order: Red Velvet Cake (P240), Red Velvet Cheesecake (P290), Red Velvet Cupcake (P84)

Photo from Magnum Philippines website
7. Magnum Manila
FB: /MagnumPH | IG: @Magnum_ph |
Order: Red Velvet (P290) - moist red velvet cake and cream cheese, on a slate paired with vanilla Magnum and dark chocolate sauce, crushed pistachios and red velvet crumble

Photo from
8. Cheesecakes by Guy
FB: /Cheesecakesbyguy | IG: @Cheesecakesbyguy | Twitter: @CheesecakebyGuy |
Order: Red Velvet Layered Cheesecake (P500/Mini 5", P1,200/Regular 8", P600/Mini Sugar-free 5", P1,500/Regular Sugar-free 8")

Photo from
9. Gavino's Japanese Donuts
FB: /GavinosJapaneseDonuts | IG: @gavinosdonuts |
Order: Red Velvet Pistachio Mochi Balls (P24/Single, P150/Box of 6, P350/Box of 15), Old Fashioned Red Velvet Pistachio Donut (P43/Single, P240/Box of 6, P396/Box of 12, P745/Box of 24)

Photo from Sebastian's Ice Cream Facebook
10. Sebastian's Ice Cream
FB: /Sebastians.Ice.Cream | IG: @sebastiansicecream | Twitter: @ilovesebastians
Order: Red Velvet Chilly Burger (P130) ice cream cookie sandwich

Photo from Brownies Unlimited Facebook
11. Brownies Unlimited
FB: /ilovebrowniesunlimited | IG: @browniesunlimited |
Order: Red Velvet brownie (P30/piece, P120/Pre-assorted box of 6, P85 with Brewed Coffee or Iced Tea)

Photo from
12. The White Hat Italian Frozen Yogurt

FB: /TWHYogurt | Twitter: @TWHYogurt |
Order: Red Velvet Yogurt Cheesecake (P100/slice, P1,075/whole)

Photo from Dunkin' Donuts Facebook
13. Dunkin' Donuts
FB: "Dunkin' Donuts" | IG & Twitter: @dunkindonutsph |
Order: Viva Red Velvet Collection - Cream Cheese, Honeydipped Red Velvet, Salted Caramel & Cranberries, Cookies & Cheese (P35/piece)

Photo from Pinkerton Home Made Ice Cream website
14. Pinkerton Home Made Ice Cream
FB: "Pinkerton Ice Cream" | Twitter: @love_pinkerton |
Order: Red Velvet (P305/pint, P610/quart, P1,220/half gallon) Gourmet Customized Flavor

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