Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Oudon Japanese Udon Noodles - Now Open in BGC

Now Open in BGC: Oudon Japanese Udon Noodles

We've been bowled over ramen and crazy over katsudon. The Japanese food invasion in the metro is unstoppable, and an establishment in BGC is set to win hearts of noodle lovers with their specialty: Japanese udon noodles.

Oudon Japanese Udon Noodles is a new restaurant located at the second floor of Forum South Global in Taguig and at this new spot, Udon takes center stage as it is prepared and served  in many ways. The thick and chewy noodles traditionally are served either hot or cold in Japan, depending on the season (chilled udon for summertime, udon with warm broth during winter). And just like ramen, there are a multitude of toppings that can be placed with these noodle soups; udon can also be served 'dry' and stir-fried, or come with a separate dipping sauce.

Photos from Oudon Facebook

At Oudon, the selection of udon varies from traditional to modern fusion. Udon here is served in big bowls, and an order also allows customers one free refill of noodles. Signature udon at the restaurant are Sukiyaki Oudon (P500) with beef sukiyaki, Ebiten Oudon (P430) with shrimp tempura, Shabu-niku Oudon (P400) with shabu-shabu beef, Yaki Oudon (P380) sauteed with vegetables and pork, among others. They also offer udon over Japanese style curry like the Katsu-Curry Oudon (P380), and udon in cream sauce like Cream Zanmai Oudon (P500) with seafood toppings. Cold udon and modern udon as a pasta dish with salad like Carbonara (P380) and Bolognese (P410) are also available.

Tenzaru Udon: cold udon with assorted tempura
Photo from Oudon Twitter

Aside from udon, other Japanese specialties of Oudon include sushi, sashimi, salad, rice toppings, and for Japanese beverages, a selection of hot and cold sake, Japanese beer,  shochu and shochu cocktails.

Photo from Oudon Facebook

Photo from Oudon Facebook

Oudon Japanese Udon Noodles is located at Unit 2A second floor of Forum South Global in BGC. It is beside Korean dessert place Cafe Seolhwa. The restaurant is open daily from 11am to 11:30pm. Call 02-398398, Like their Facebook page ("OUDON Restaurant"), and follow on Instagram and Twitter (@oudonph).

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