Friday, August 28, 2015

Yuan Congee & Dimsum Bar Now Open in San Juan

Congee Your Way: Yuan Congee & Dimsum Bar Now Open in San Juan

A new Chinese restaurant offers affordable dimsum, and lets customers choose their noodle soups and congee the way they like it -- have the freedom to choose toppings to build your own delicious bowl.
Yuan Congee & Dimsum Bar recently opened in San Juan, offering budget-friendly options for your Chinese food cravings of dimsum, noodle soups, and congee. Starters come in two sizes, single and double, and each item doesn't go beyond P150. There are assorted wraps (P89/single, P149/double) in flavors like Crispy Pork, Crunch Chicken, and Asado. Dimsum options include Fried Siomai Platter (P89/single 6 pcs, P129/double 10 pcs), Fried Shark's Fin Platter (P89/single 6 pcs, P129/double 10 pcs), Mini Asado Buns (P59/single 3pcs, P99/double 7pcs), and Fried Pork or Veggie Dumplings (P69/single 4pcs, P129/double 8pcs).
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The customization at Yuan comes in the form of creating your noodle soups and congee. Make your own noodle soup by choosing the broth (plain, pork rib, spicy Szechuan, or semi-spicy Laksa), the noodles (Asian Hong Kong, Flat egg, Chili, vegan Polonchay, or mushroom), then by picking the toppings. The number of toppings determine the price of your Noodle Soup (P99/plain, P149/3 toppings, P179/5 toppings, P219/8 toppings), and over a dozen of toppings to choose from, ranging from light fare and vegetarian to shredded meat, dumplings, and other protein. Similarly, you can create your Congee according to topping (P89/Plain, P139/House Blend, P149/3 Toppings, P169/5 Toppings, P209/8 toppings, P15/extra topping). Light to heavy toppings are available, from different kinds of egg (hard boiled, fresh, salted, century), vegetarian options (water spinach, corn, mushrooms, tofu), and assorted meats (pork floss, pork liver, shredded chicken or pork, sliced beef, ox tripe, etc.).
Photo from Yuan Facebook page

Photo from Yuan Facebook page
If congee and noodle soups are not your cravings, rice meals are available, and still affordable, like their Crispy Pork Belly (P159/single with rice, P199 double no rice), Beefy Brisket (P159/single with rice, P199 double no rice), and Soy Chicken Asado  (P159/single with rice, P199 double no rice). Dessert options to end your meal on a sweet note include Asian Pizooki (P109), Coffee Cream & Jelly (P99) , and Volcanic Lava Cake (P199). Next month September, Yuan unveils its affordable Asian Buffet (P199/person) which will be available during weekdays from 1pm to 9pm.
Photo from Yuan Facebook page

Photo from Yuan Facebook page
Visit Yuan Congee & Dimsum Bar at 178-B C.M. Recto Street, Barangay Maytunas, San Juan, open daily from 11am to 11pm. Call+632-219-5589, Like on Facebook (/Yuancongee) and visit the website (
Photo from Yuan Facebook page
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